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Russia is facing America's Cuba.

Below is an e mail from a Russian man living in the UK and how sad he is for his people being taken into a war against their will.

By John Bellamy

I asked loads of Russians men on various internet sex sites for their opinion on what is going on and not one wrote to me, not one answered, not one was brave enough to share with me - from Russia, or were able to share with me how it is for them. The only e mail received was from a Russian man - Andrei - who lives in the UK and his e mail is below. SCROLL DOWN You see, the Russian people are as much victims as the Ukrainian people except they are not being fired upon. From many reports heard - it seems the young soldiers were being sent on a training mission thousands of miles from their homes and found themselves in the middle of a war killing civilians.

Many are heartbroken at what they are facing and as we see in the news,- this is not the Russian people but Putin sabre rattling. This is the Generals whose job it is to be at war as without conflict, the Generals are out of a job.

The Mighty Clout of the Military Machine, in Russia just as it is in America, means jobs, income, work and power - at the hands of brutal waring men destined to cause conflict to enable the War Machine to prosper and flourish.

Do not blame the Russian people as they are bullied by the state just as LGBTQ in Russia are hunted and their lives destroyed and anyone voicing a different opinion to the government and Russian ideology ( as stated by Putin ) are rounded up and jailed. ( Vanished. ) and as of this weekend, anyone spreading what Putin believes to be False Truths or Lies - can be jailed for up to 15 years and all the news outlets are speedily reviewing and withdrawing journalists until they can figure this out as this denies independent news from being shared globally and only Putin's view of the war being allowed to be shared from within the country. Frightening and just as bad as Trump with his Fake News.

Many Russians stand against this war and actually support Ukraine and stand the chance - a very real chance - of being arrested and vanished in a jail forever.

Russia is facing America's Cuba.

America did not want Russian missiles so close to its border back in 1962 and almost went to war to prevent this happening and the west supported America. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, leaders of the U.S. and the Soviet Union engaged in a tense, 13-day political and military standoff in October 1962 over the installation of nuclear-armed Soviet missiles on Cuba, just 90 miles from U.S. shores. It ended when the US President Kennedy actually opened the nuclear silo doors to show he would fire these at Cuba if they did not back down and it really came right down to the wire, the threat of nuclear attack - and by opening the silo's showed Russia that America meant business and backed down and the Russian war heads were removed from Cuba. READ MORE HERE - The 5 Main Causes of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Putin finds NATO climbing up his back passage, side passage and just about any passage as they hem Russia in, and this is where he says NO MISSILES THIS CLOSE TO OUR BORDER - and the mighty media campaign gets into motion backing the west and hiding the truths involved and many believe this is expansionism, when Putin is actually doing exactly what Kennedy did back in 1962 - and that is to stop strategic missiles being placed too close to his country - just like the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Sadly, this time it is not an island but a land mass and this land mass borders Russia and is part of Europe. Putin also wants expansionism and to return many lost Russian states that obtained independence two decades ago back into the folds of The Mother Land - to recreate a larger more powerful Russia and one the west will fear. It always amazes me that such a large and such a POOR country can even attempt to take on the west when it is so poor. United Kingdom is about 70 times smaller than Russia yet our GDP is almost double.

Russia is approximately 17,098,242 sq km, while United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, making United Kingdom 1.42% the size of Russia. Meanwhile, the population of Russia is ~141.7 million people (76.0 million fewer people live in United Kingdom).

I feel for the people of Russia as I feel for the people of the world who do not want this war and live in fear of being blown up at any moment.

e mail from a Russian living in the UK.

Dear John: I am Russian.. Sorry written English not good. Better speaking. I live here for many years and have wife. She English. Have 2 girls at school. Make me very proud and full of love. They 7 and 9. I worked until got told to 'fuck off ruskie' because my country is at war. Kick off building site. Threatened by works together for 5 years but like me not now. No work. Not my doing. Not my fault. Yet I get trouble here from strangers. Not right.

I left Russia after parents, uncles, aunts all killed by KGB long time past. Hard story. Make me cry. Later 2 brothers killed in Crimea. Alone now. Alone at 15 years old. Ran. Took 4 years to get UK. Long time hiding in woods, sleeping hard outside and at times in camps afraid. Attack by wild dogs. Bitten and a scarred.

Met wife when in UK hospital. She very pretty. We share much love. Nurse. English wife is my family and our girls. Wife knows I like boys to. She likes girls to. Happy family full of fun. We use to have big fun a lot. Not now. We TV watch all night frightened for friends home in Russia. Sad to see my country on down path. Gays treat bad in Russia. Hunted and loose jobs. Not good but here in UK free. See your blog through man at sauna. Linked me up. Got for long time. Enjoy the read and pictures. Wife says I safe here. I not sure. I scared for people know I Russian and beat me. Happen before. I Russian not terrorist. I Russian not murderer. I Russian - just as you Englander. All that is. Just another persons. Not hard line. Just gently soul. I cry for Russian soldiers to young. Bad training. Frightened in TV news. Crying for Mama. Make me cry to. I cry for Russia and Ukraine. Visit once when child. Very beautiful. I cry much for all people everywhere as powerful men want war for money and many dead. Bad people on all sides. I very sad for all Please, do not blame Russian people. Russian people against war and against Putin as he dangerous and big bad bully of people. We Russians have been through lot. Bad treatment. Bad politics. Bad people in charge for long time. People suffer and must stay silent. I cry for all in war. Andrei – Андрей


John Bellamy ends:- I have nothing to add. The tragedy is, no one is left unharmed by this. No one and I sincerely hope Andrei and his family are safe here and finds some peace.

If ever anyone feels unsafe at home for any reason - If you feel neighbours or gangs against you - and where you feel the police are useless, as is the council and you are in danger - get your ass to Hamilton Hall and we can shelter you here and see what can be done to protect against harm. We will always make room for those in need and anyone messing with me over this and taking advantage when not in need, you cannot imagine the hell fire I could bring down on you as this is a genuine offer and anyone abusing, BOY - you have been warned as sadly, there are faggots out there who DO take advantage and who DO abuse and take from those who are genuinely in need and I am no ones fool.


Your comments are invited.


John: Spent 5 years working in Russia and met many wonderful kind and thoughtful people. The way of life is very different and the mind / head space VERY different to how we see things. It's cultural and taught in schools just as we are taught that the west is always right and that Russia is the Bogey man. Utter rubbish John. The people have a horrible past of wars and famine and millions dying from brutal interior regimes, the destruction of their history and culture, religion and lifestyle and modern day Russians have great anger at their own governments and the west for how they see the west as the one who has caused their hardship and not the fact it all comes - largely - down to their politics.

America is the real bully here and it does a really fine act of presenting itself as the saviour when the truth is often very different. It creates huge global distrust and disharmony by the manner in which is bullies and dominates like some unpaid police force that no one asked for. I am sorry for the people of Russia as they do not want this war any more than we do.

Peter H.


Hi John: By your figures last week on the GDP of Russia, I am astounded it can afford this war as its GDP is almost half of that of the UK and how can it afford all this.



About Russia: Decades ago we did the entire Trans Siberian Railway on an Italian train right across the whole country. This was back in the early '80's. Incredible trip. At most stations we stopped at, hordes of locals would appear trying to sell us things but they had nothing to sell, just potato and cabbage stews and very little else. They were even too poor to buy things to sell, like Russian Dolls or other lacquer work famous in Russia - the locals wanted money but had nothing of any value. We would buy things and - basically - throw it away, just to help as $5 was a fortune to them but nothing to us and THAT hit us hard, that so many live so poorly. It was a stunning trip and was over a 5 week period and we were pleased when it ended as it was a little too long and a little too hard on us from the west seeing so many wonderful people struggling so hard just to put food on the table. This was a long time ago and a memory that is always with me. The people were so kind and thoughtful but had that - distance emotionally - as they protect their genuine emotions out of fear.

Darren & Mikey



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