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Salvation Army in UK accused of ‘rogue landlord’ attitude

JB Comments:

The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth, a Methodist minister who began an evangelical ministry in the East End of London in 1865. He established mission stations to feed and house the poor and in 1878 changed the name of his organization to the Salvation Army.

Recently, and at a time when many turn to their faith to offer them support, it is sad that we read of such betrayal by an organisation birthed, raised and matured to be a Christian Organisation designed to help ease peoples lives and yet - here it is - and it seems from my research that this is definitely not the first time the Sally Anne's have been in deep doodoo over abuse claims as well as sexual abuse claims that go back decades - and here they are being SLUM LANDLORDS and threatening to evict people and leaving them dangling not knowing WTF for months and months - causing and creating huge amounts of stress and the fear of ' not knowing' at the hands of these Christian bullies - these Christian abusers - these Christian who put a bad light on an organisation that was started as a means to help, not hinder, to guide and not hold back - to encourage and not to frustrate - to open doorways and not to obstruct - to be for and not against helping as and when possible and stop throwing all sorts of obstacles in the way of doing what the organisation was set up to do,- and so sadly - this - this is the Salvation Army we see before us today. Like any church.

Like any organisation where vulnerable people are involved.

Abuse follows by those taking advantage for their own pleasures and aims and this, my friends, is no better that Jimmy Saville.? It may not be sexual in this case, but it sure is abusing vulnerable people who are not in a position to complain and to be believed. And tragically, and it really is tragically, this is the Salvation Army - and what message does this send to millions of people about the power of the Christian church which already has an appalling track record on sexual abuse with children and vulnerable women.

The current Salvation Army completely downgrades all the good work undertaken and destroys the legacy laid down since its creation by William Booth in 1865. he would be ashamed at how some people have used this Christian organisation for their own ends and not for the people they are there to help.

John Bellamy Your comments are always welcome.

Salvation Army in UK accused of ‘rogue landlord’ attitude
Christian charity ignored for years complaints of ‘unforgivable’ hazards in rental properties in Hadleigh, Essex

The Salvation Army, one of the UK’s best known and well funded charities, has been accused of acting like “a rogue landlord” by leaving some of its private tenants exposed to “serious” hazards for at least seven years. The Christian organisation, whose charitable objectives include “the relief of poverty … suffering, distress” and “the assistance of those in need of protection”, ignored repeated requests to improve conditions by its tenants in Hadleigh, Essex.

The town is the site where the group’s founder, William Booth, created his first farm colony in 1891 to help people escape the deprivation of London’s East End.

Tenants have complained of being subjected to years of living with hazards including fire risks, damp, and vermin infestations, an investigation by the Guardian and ITV News found.

Presented with the investigation’s findings the Salvation Army issued an “unreserved apology” and said it had now begun the process of surveying the properties and renovating vacant homes as part of an urgent action plan.

The local council, Castle Point, said it had now served improvement notices on a number of Salvation Army properties in Hadleigh, compelling the charity to act.


From their web site below- OUR MISSION, VISION AND VALUES.
The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Our message is based on the Bible. Our ministry is motivated by the love of God. Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in his name without discrimination.

Salvation Arms Core Values Our identity and God-given mission as disciples of Jesus Christ are shaped by the values of the Kingdom of God. We love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and we love our neighbour as ourselves.

  • We have Integrity in everything we do, being reliable, trustworthy, transparent and honest in our personal and business relationships.

  • We are Accountable to God in every area of our lives and to others in all our dealings.

  • We have Compassion for all people.

  • We are Passionate about unconditionally demonstrating God’s love to everyone.

  • We have Respect for people and planet, seeing the God-given potential in every person and being stewards of the environment.

  • We are Bold in proclaiming the gospel in everything that we do and in fighting for social justice. Read our Doctrines here.

The Sally Anne's have the right guidelines in place and their ethos is pure, shame some people let that down and abuse.






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