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save some money with these simple tips.

Here are a few things to help you cut down and save on gas and electric.


Although our electric costs have sky rocketed - and for business we have 5% Climate Levy Tax added and then 20% VAT added on top of all that , so our utilities cost small business considerably more than the same thing does to a member of the public, and despite this, because we have turned it down, switched it off, changed light bulbs and made changes to how we cook, wash bedding and even how often we shower, the electric costs have - more or less - remained static to what they were which makes me aware how extravagant we were with electricity before and how wasteful, and how well done it is we have managed to lower our consumption and keep the bills within reach...


If we as a business can do it - if we can cut down and save save save - then -



ON CHARGE: How many items do you have plugged in and left on charge when they do not need to be ? Mobile and land line phones. Hair curlers / tongs - razors - lap tops, lights on remote control plugs that use electricity even when switched off - same as your toothbrush - hair / beard clippers left on charge.

COMPUTERS : Switch off when not in use. I use a PC and it use to be on 24 / 7 and at nights is downloaded and cleaned itself up while I was asleep and now I switch it off at the end of the day and it saves enormously.

STEREO: I use to have music playing in the background quietly all day as it makes for a pleasant atmosphere but I now have silence.

FRIDGES: I admit, we do have 2 fridges - 4 fridge / freezers - 2 chest freezers - 1 upright freezer & 1 drinks fridge and during the week when no one is in, the drinks fridge and one other fridge are both switched off - as is one of the drinks fridges in the garage.

ELECTRIC BLANKET - Save on heating your home. Sit watching telly wrapped in an Electric Blanket - as you will be

toasty warm while the room / house is cold around you. No need to heat a big room just to sit and watch telly when you can be warm and toasty inside your blanket.

ALTERNATIVELY - If you have a telly in the bedroom, go back to bed and snuggle up warm in bed with the telly on and leave the heating off. If you have no telly in the bedroom you might want to consider putting one in as it will save you financially in the end.

Especially beneficial if you take a flask of hot cocoa / tea / Horlicks with you so you don't have to leave the warmth of the one bedroom and go into the cold to make a drink. PLAN AHEAD.

BLANKETS : Keep extra blankets / dressing gown handy to add extra weight and warmth to your bed.

Put your underwear / t shirts on the radiator so if you have it coming on before you get up, they will be all toasty warm around your bits when you put them on. ooooo nice.

WEIGHTED BLANKETS - BUY HERE - are the new thing that adds extra weight to the bed and makes you feel hugged.

TOWELS : I also keep a pile of large bath towels beside the bed as in the night if you are either cold or even too hot, towels are very good for both

SHOWERS / BATH TIME. Switch your hot water to come on just for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening along with your central heating. If you get up at 8am, then have it come on at 7am and go off again at 8. 30am. No need heating a big tank of water if it is not going to be used. If there is no hot water when you want to shower, then you need to plan your shower times to match the hours when you know the hot water is on.

Do you REALLY have to shower and wash your hair every day.

ANSWER - NO YOU DO NOT. Do you REALLY have to put on clean clothes every day.


Unless dirty or smelly, we people, like most of our clothes can last 3 - 4 or even 5 days between washes and unless you have serious BO problems, or unless your dog has jumped up and covered you in mud, or you have a leaky butt hole - then most daily wear items, like your skin, can wait a week between washes - and then - FILL THE WASHING MACHINE.

STAND UP WASHES - at the sink saves a ton of hot water and heating and uses a LOT LESS WATER - so saving all round.

TIMERS: - THERMOSTATS - Unless we have a really cold spell - as signed in the bedrooms - the HOT WATER & HEATING is on between 7 - 10am - then between 5 - 10pm - this warms the house for breakfast and dinner / evening and if showers are used outside of these times then guests may wash in cold water or use up all the remaining hot water and the kitchens and laundry now go without. So we request guests respect our times and shower etc. within these times.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT - ha ha - then tough shit and anyone giving me a Karen Attitude WILL be told in no uncertain terms. Do not test me. The world is changing and if you cannot move along with it and see how EVERYONE is adapting - has to adapt - to a new way of living - then you will be left behind and like the Dinosaurs - you will go extinct.

BEDDING - Hotels change the bedding very single day - HUGELY EXTRAVAGANT - and at Hamilton Hall we wash the bedding after every guest and not every day at all, and if a guest is here for a longer period, we change the bedding once a week.

RADIATOR DRYING : If using your central heating even if just for short periods, dry your semi damp clothes on the radiators and stop using the expensive electric guzzling tumble dryers.

CABLE TV. Cancel cable TV and trim entertainment costs. ...

Many are paying between £10 - £75 A MONTH for cable TV with sports and movie channels. Prioritize what is important in your life and do you REALLY need more than one cable company ? Do you REALLY need several sports channels / News Channels / Movie channels ? Isn't one enough.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Gym Memberships / Magazine Subscriptions like Which Magazine. If you use the gym, then use their showers and save money at home. If not, do you really need a gym subscription ?