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Sex with 4 hot men one after the other.

When I was a sex worker, I had many great fun times. Here is one of them.

----------------------------------- Read to the end for a pleasant surprise.

One evening I had a call from an Arab client. He was a hot hairy sexy man and I was pleased to hear from him again although this time he requested that I take 3 other guys with me to meet with him and 3 of his friends, for an evening of fun.

This was not unusual and can be great fun.

At 8pm on the dot I turned up at this stunning apartment in Kensington with 3 friends / escorts and we were greeted and invited in. Introductions were made and we met his 3 other friends, and drinks offered. We sat in this truly stunning apartment – all glass and steel, watching television for the first hour and with a little fidgeting and looking around wondering what was happening, the host took me to one side and in his deep tones and thick with an Arab accent said –

‘ My friends do not like your friends, can we ask them to leave ?’

I answered that of course we can but that they will have to be paid.

He agreed as they had been there for more than an hour, and it was agreed to put it all on credit card.

I asked ‘ What’s happening with me ? – Do you want me to stay of leave ? ‘

I was a little anxious and worried that the 3 escorts I had taken with me were not good enough for them and were 3 of my best and most handsome and even hung guys and it took me back when he answered

‘My friends all want you and not them.’

‘ Together or one at a time ?’

Shocked at the thought he said

‘ No No – One at a time, we do not share like that. Is that okay for you ?’

‘ Sure – Whose first ?’

Now – I figured out why they didn’t want sex together, the 4 Arab guy, was because they would not have man to man sex – highly illegal and immoral in Islam and in the Koran – BUT – stupidly – they thought that as long as it was not with other Muslims – or another Arabs and others of ‘ the faith ‘ they were okay, and while I always teased my Arab clients that Allah could see them in the UK just as He can in their home country, it seemed not to sink in and the thought that they were going to be forgiven for their indiscretion with another man, was strong.

As far as I am aware if your religion bans something, then that is final and not allowing room for change. Too many – hundreds of thousands – have been butchered by the church while claiming that God / Allah etc. was on their side and if we are to look at that for a moment, what happens when a Christian country goes to war against a fellow Christian country , or when an Arab fights another Arab – Is God / Allah on only one side – the better of the two, the good guy and goes against the bad guy ? Does God / Allah judge you good or bad – right or wrong ?

No – is the answer. God / Allah does not judge you , does not look down on anyone or decide who should and who should not live. All that – All that we judge and choose and adhere to throughout our lives are down to us – not God – not Allah – not even a President or Prime Minister – as your life is yours and no one else’s and claiming God / Allah judges you is just so in error.

We judge – We people – We humans – We frail scared children – men and women – we judge according to our conditioning since birth – our education, our religious teachings – our fears and our loves all come into it and there are times when we will – quite simply – get it very wrong and when that happens, people get hurt. Wars are fought, Nations fall and millions dire and all – because someone believes something that is not true.

Religion and sex have never seen eye to eye, but more about that later.

I stayed the evening with the four Arab clients and went from one to the other with minutes for a quick shower in between – but no one offered me a drink – or a snack in between, no one considered my feelings and it was just all about who wanted my service next and who wanted to be last.

It seemed everyone was pleased and after giving 4 full body sensuous massages, and after having had sex 4 times in a row ( and before you ask – I didn’t cum so could keep going from one to the other and – as with most Arabs I had sex with, they didn’t care about me cumming ;- it was all about them – so as I concentrated on each one in turn and made a special fuss of each of them, my not cumming never bothered them at all, so at the end, it was actually quite frustrating as I fancied each one of them massively and would / could have cum buckets just with the first one as they were all very hot and sexy guys – but as the consummate professional I am, and knowing no one cared about my sex – just their own – I kept it to myself and didn’t cum at all with any of them.

Some people assume sex with a client is about ‘ making love’ – sharing – intimate and personal, when maybe sometimes it is ( rarely ) as all too often it is more about their joy, their pleasure, and their fun and not yours.

Some clients are different and DEFINITELY want to see you cum as then they know you have ( in their opinion ) enjoyed yourself ( how wrong can they be – as it is easy to cum just to end the session and get out of there and cumming is easy – it means nothing to a sex worker but is the end of the world for most clients and they assume you have enjoyed yourself as much as they have … ha ha … WRONG.

Sometimes – or even quite often you do. But not always and at those times – being a good actor serves you well.

I got home last from the 4 guys and showered, had something to eat and crashed into bed and slept f=dreaming of mountains of hairy dark Arabs…

I was astounded by the whole thing as the guys I had taken with me were truly world class and stunning and yet – were unwanted – and little old me was the preferred escort of choice – and besides earning money from 4 clients for myself, I also earned 30% of each of the monies paid for the other 3 escorts – and the 3 were very curious the next day to find out what I had done with the clients and why I was the only one to have stayed.

I teased and said ‘ That’s cos I’m the best Hun… the absolute best…’ – which I didn’t believe really and was as astounded at the outcome of the evening as they were disappointed.

Financially, I had earned a LOT Of money – somewhere in the region looking back – and remember this was in the late 1980’s - £800 - which was a months wages for many people at the time.


Dear John: I agree with your love of hairy Arab type men and am always pleased to see your amazing collection offered weekly in your Blog. I am smooth and slim and not my own type at all but luckily, the hairy Arab men fancy me BECAUSE I am smooth, so it is win win. Keep them coming John as long as I am able to wank myself silly every time the Blog arrives.


I agree with you John - as I love hairy Latin - Arab men as well. Nothing wrong with smooth and blond at all, but there is something extra about dark men of mystery that I absolutely adore.



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