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sex work - some answers

When I was a sex worker one of the most prevelant questions from people was

'How do you get a hard on and fuck someone you don't fancy.'

and another was

'What do you do if you cannot get a hard on with a client.?'

Well to answer the second one first - If I had 5 or 6 clients in a day I would not come with any of them - and could always then maintain a hard on later with the next client because I had not ' shed my load.' Some clients expect you to cum with them while many do not and those who do, sometimes leave with their expectations unmet as - just because they are turned on by me does not mean I am turned on by them and although I would get a stiffy and do the deed, I could fake cuming in all sorts of ways that they never guessed I actually had not.

There is a certain amount of arrogance on many clients part when they assume the sex worker wants to cum with them, fancy them sexually and enjoy their company, when all too often, they do not. I was always very intimate and friendly with my clients and would never let on that I had had another client just before them or that I had another later after they left, and one client offered me a job as his PA ( he was a mega famous movie director who needed a House Manager in London - and when I asked how much he was offering in payment, and he told me £25,000 a year ( this was 1990 ) I had to tell him I was earning more than double that as a sex worker and he was astounded. He said he had no idea I earnbed that kind of money and I pointed out that I was 90 minutes with him for £100 plus cab fare - and that I was seeing 5 - 8 clients a day at home @ £65 per hour - and he gasped. I think it took his breath away - and I did point out that many other sex workers were nothing like as busy as I was and that as I was known as ' London's Finest Masseur With More To Offer Than Most ' - and as I also specialised in leather bondage dungeon sex as ' Harness Your Fantasies - London's Top Leather Master' - and how I also ran my own escort agency called '30PLUS - Escorts and Masseurs Over The Age of 30 - We Do Not Employ Boys, So Try One Of Our Experienced Men' - and between all three aspects of my business, I was taking treble what he was offering.

He was speechless and pleased as punch for me. Like many - he said he hoped I was saving for the rainy day and not drugging and drinking and wasting the money and as I don't drink, do drugs or smoke ( in those days ) and as I have always been a sensible person and was paying my mortgage and paying for a pension and taking my vitamins, - AND PAID TAX AS A SEX WORKER - he was thrilled for me.

One of the complaints I always heard was that some sex workers could not get a hard on to fuck - especially when offering an ' active service ' and this disappoints. Clients tell me they should not have to pay if this is the case and there are always two sides to this argument.

1) Maybe the sex worker is tired - or has just cum with someone else, and I agree, if that's the case he should not take a further client knowing he is expected to fuck the guy, but there are also toys and other means to work on the ass and does not always have to be with a dick.

2) Many Many times, the client is not clean - and then they expect you to get a stiffy, put a condom on, and fuck a shitty ass and this is where my limit reached its end. I would stop as soon as I realised it was not clean and tell them, quite gently and clearly, that if they wish to get fucked I would suggest they offer the sex worker a little bit more respect and wash first, take a dump, douche and prepare and DO NOT expect the sex worker to put up with a disgraceful smelly ass and do not expect any kind of service - even a simple massage, if they are dirty.

It completely disrespects the sex worker. It disrespects my facilities ( stinks the house out ) It disrespects what is on offer. It shows a complete lack of thought for others and most of all, it makes the client look really bad in the eye of the sex worker as just another dirty cunt who cannot even wash. And then the client tries to blame the sex worker. Sadly this is often the case and many seem to have very low self esteem when it comes to personal hygiene.

It also says a great deal about the client and his lifestyle that he is content to be dirty in front of others and uncaring what they think -

and they look down on me ????? Astounding. Truly astounding.

Many look at sex workers with an attitude - they look down on, treat with disrespect, assume that all they are and all they will ever be - is a prostitute - a whore - a hooker - sexy but dumb beyond words, which always made me laugh as all too often the sex worker is light years ahead of the client, better educated, earning a great deal more money, better living conditions and with a better future than the client, and yet they look down on us ????

Astoundingly in error and always made me laugh.

If I even got a sniff of a shitty ass, my dick dies a very quick and silent death and there is no way I am getting hard even if you do then go and douch... it's too late, and if the client did not accept and appreciate this, then that really was a tough on them and the fee was payable - PERIOD.

Naturally I would reach for a dildoe and use that instead and hid everything that was unclean in towels at the end so as not to spoil their fantasy but there were times when I had to be firm and tell them they were dirty and how disgusting this was and ' don't you get it - or do you assume we are machines and can fuck any shitty smelly hole .'

Just because someone is paying DOES NOT MEAN we will do anything and any sex worker will have limits of what is and what is not on the menu and if you expect too much for your money - or make demands that overstretch what is available for the money agreed, or even those who try and string the hour out and make longer of it - will be - and always were - gently reminded that their time / service was limited / up and not to take / expect to take - advantage.

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