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Stripper Refuses To Give Her Struggling Family Money After They Shamed Her For Being A Stripper

Job shaming is sadly very common in many countries and in a society that criminalizes some forms of sex work, what else would you expect to happen?

Stripping is a legal form of sex work— and who are subject to a lot of negative talk, often from their own conservative families and often from those who do not realise that the GDP of the UK includes the sex industry and the illegal drug world in its finances as together they bring in hundreds of millions of £ a year and this works out as up to 7% of our complete GDP.

Talk about hypocricy - Jackie says -

“ I have to tell you - I am a stripper and I go on dates with men”

She also described her better-than-average financial situation and how her family hasn’t taken too kindly to her chosen line of work.

“I make the most out of anyone in my family, I have never been ashamed to be a stripper and it’s not a secret.”

“I bought a good house a few miles away from the club and I tried to still talk to my family frequently, till they started talking more and more crap about my job;- calling me a slut, saying I’m stupid, that I have no life goals.”

"They were rude and obnoxious towards me and treated me with contempt and distain."

“So I cut them off, my parents, all the family - everything. A month or so later they call me up, telling me they need money to fix their car.”

“I told them, ‘Sorry you don’t want my money, it’s slut money remember? Apologize and I will give you the money.'”

“They said they won’t be apologetic, so I told them that’s their choice and hung up.”

After that, she started receiving rather unkind messages from her family.

“Now I’m getting texts from my family and posts on Facebook saying I should have just given them the money and saying that it’s not a big deal.”

She is a consenting adult making money off of other consenting adults.”

“It’s slut money until the family needs something and realizes it."


John Bellamy Comments I had this some years ago but not from my family. A guy I was chatting up in a bar was very interested until he asked what I did for a living and after I explained that I was a sex worker but that this was my night off, he completely dished me and turned his back.

I tapped him on the shoulder and when he arrogantly turned around this time looking down on my with complete distain... I stated -

' We all do what we do for money, to pay the bills and to enjoy a lifestyle that is within our reach - What do you do and how much did you earn last year '

He answered ' I am an accountant and I earned £25,000 last year.

My response left him open moputhed -

'Well Hun I may be a prostitute but I earned just over £60,000 last year alone so go fuck yourself asshole.'

And I had.

The look of shock and the realisation that within a couple of years I would be able to do my own thing - and I did - as I was able to SAVE more than he earned a year - AND I EVEN PAID TAX - YES - I WAS A TAX PAYING PROSTITUTE - so NO ONE - and I mean NO ONE - could put me down and complain after I told them how I pay towards the school their kids go to - how I contribute to social care loooking afer their elderly parents and how I financally support the government in all ways through a very high yearly tax bill. So any attitude from them and they can go fuck themselves ... and learn to respect EVERYONE who contributes to keeping the economy going and the bills paid.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘slut.’ A ‘slut’ is any woman that people – usually men – have decided is not behaving the way they want her to.”

“And so that word is used to denigrate her, to destroy her reputation, to make people lose respect for her because ‘sluts’ are impure, and women who are ‘impure’ are worthless in the eyes of society.”

“It doesn’t matter if she’s had sex with five hundred guys or never had sex, if she wears baggy clothing from head to toe or tight clothing that shows skin, if she works in the sex industry or is a nun, she’ll be called a slut if she gets out of line in the eyes of the person branding her such.”

“These people have decided she is out of line and are calling her a slut to get her in line and make her family lose respect and it’s worked.”

“Her family sees her as lesser now which is why they think it’s ok for them to call her a slut then think she owes them money because they are family. They’ve lost respect and think it’s ok to use her for money.”

I have experienced this through other people I have known who worked in the sex industry and several disowned their parents after being given major bad attitude when they found out and many simply stopped talking to their family altogether.

You see, people have choices.


and if you do not like my choices, be you a family member, a friend or someone I have never met,- I don't live my life in accordance to you and your way of thinking so why do you think I should give a fucks ass what you think or consider or assume is right - or wrong - as to put it simply... I DO NOT.

Neither should you.


I actually have a great deal more respect for a hooker - sex worker - than I do a member of parliament, a doctor or another arrogant asshole who lords it over others from some disjointed arrogant point of view.



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