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The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla

VT's Michael Shrimpton gets Our Readers Ready for the Royal Coronation.

Excitement is building in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth ahead of tomorrow’s Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla. One nutter, presumably working for GO2, tried to spoil things for everyone by lobbing a few shotgun cartridges over the wall at Buckingham Palace and a handful of Chinese assets in the Commonwealth realms have been muttering about referenda to become banana republics, but the great event is going ahead.

It will be a snip at just over £100 million, far less than the boost to GDP. (Pubs alone are expecting to take in an extra £120 million this weekend.)

The emotional impact of the King swearing to uphold the Laws and Customs of His Realm is going to take some people by surprise. Very few people still alive can recall the last Coronation, of Queen Elizabeth II, on June 2nd, 1953.

The Anglican service will be magnificent, despite attempts to ‘modernise’ it, that is to say, muck around with it. The language of the Book of Common Prayer has never been bettered and frankly, it’s a mystery why people keep trying! The media have finally cottoned on to the fact that the Queen Consort is properly referred to as ‘the Queen’. Even the BBC has finally started referring to Queen Camilla by Her correct title. Queen Elizabeth II, when She ruled that the Duchess of Cornwall would become Queen Consort, wasn’t intending that She be referred to as ‘Queen Consort Camilla’! The wife of the King is the Queen. The husband of a Queen Regnant, like Elizabeth II, is the Prince Consort, although HRH Prince Phillip was never referred to as such, nor did he insist upon it, being the modest man that he was.

What happens when we have a gay Monarch with a husband can safely be left for the time being, although I suspect that the husband would be titled ‘Prince Consort’. Tomorrow therefore sees the Coronation of Their Britannic Majesties King Charles and Queen Camilla. Camilla by the way is a lovely name. We’ve never had a Queen Camilla before and I think it’s rather nice. The Queen has been a tremendous support for the King and is becoming more popular by the day, as indeed is the King.

Michael Shrimpton is a regular contributor to this Blog and you take it, or leave it, as his opinions are fun and may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Thanks Michael.


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