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One question I am asked :-

Can I bring my boyfriend and my wife to the same weekend of B&B.


No you cannot. What part of MEN ONLY - DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ?

John: I read your web site. Is it really men only and clothing optional.

Reply: No of course it is not. We are a lesbian hotel full of women - LESBIANS RUNNING AROUND NAKED ALL OVER THE PLACE -

WHAT A FOOLISH QUESTION. ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE MOST MORONIC THINGS I HAVE EVER BEEN ASKED. Spending hundreds of hours at this computer sorting the web sites and doing thousands of e mails a week for the last 23 years and all that it takes to run and organise a business and someone asks if what I write for you on the web site is correct. I appreciate there will always be minor mistakes, I am human, but to question the very fabric of the business - MEN ONLY - CLOTHING OPTIONAL - is just dumb - absolutely dumb. What more can I do ?

Is it just for singles ?

Reply: Nowhere on my web site does it state singles only.

Nowhere does it say Couples Only

What it DOES say is PERFECT FOR COUPLES AND SINGLES ALIKE - AS IT IS VERY EASY TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS HERE. We have also hosted Single Weekends but these were never fully booked and we have not repeated as there seems not to be a market for just singles, but we may try again next year so keep watching the Diary of Events. Most guests come as a single.

John. I'd love to attend the Cock and Ball weekend event but I am just too nervous and at 65, am I too old ?


Age is immaterial and the average age we get is anywhere between 40 - 80 so 65 is middle aged... and besides, I am 68 and teaching the class so no need to ever worry about age and as far as being nervous. Well that is natural. You are checking into a naked hotel full of other men , unsure what to expect, and not just will they like me but will I like them - and for a very personal and intimate weekend of playing and learning more about our cock and balls. BUT - It is all facilitated with great laughter and fun and nothing is ever too serious and demanding and everyone is welcome to go as far as they feel happy and safe with and nothing is pushed - nothing demanded - and as with anything we share at Hamilton Hall, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR OWN DESTINY.

John: I booked and didn't turn up as expected and cancelled on the arrival day as I was too nervous to attend. Can I get my money back.

Reply: Really silly question and a bit naïve. NO YOU DO NOT and especially as we have a fully detailed TERMS & CONDITIONS clearly available on the web site which many ignore while expecting refunds. Minimum of 7 days notice for any kind of cancellation otherwise you loose 100% of your monies and if booking a workshop where we work hard at keeping the numbers even as we work in pairs, if you cancel at the last minute and make the numbers wrong and the facilitator has to join in as a participant as well as teaching, then you will be charged a min of an extra £50 Facilitators Fee - and this is an encouragement not to cancel and to realise this is not just a B&B weekend - as if you have signed up for a workshop weekend you are then letting everyone else down as well as Hamilton Hall and yourself, and to keep the class complete and with the right numbers, we work hard and so charge you for the extra work involved.

John: I'd love to come for some kind of weekend but am just too nervous. I'd have a hard on throughout and I am sure there are rules against that.


Being naked in a strange setting surrounded with other naked men is BOUND to muster the occasional stiffy / hard on, it is only natural, and to be expected especially as we are men, and we really have no control over our dick getting hard on its own - but WE DO HAVE CONTROL over our actions and what we do with that hard on. If it is inappropriate to have a stiffy then an adult ignores it and lets it go down - BUT if you are a grown up teenager and irresponsible sexually, then you will show it off and want to be admired and played with, a bit like my puppy does at the moment as she is still learning appropriate behaviour, as do some men. Remember, not everyone is interested in your pecker as much as you are and unless it is 10 inches long or you are Brad Pitt - we wouldn't really notice.

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