Top Ten Films & Why ?

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This will of course be subjective. There are no right or wrong answers.

Send us a list of the films you have adored and consider in your

'Top Ten Greatest Films of All Times.'

This will be judged by the 3 of us here at the end of April 2021, so get your e mail answers flying in to win.

I recently gave away over 350 DVD's - as I now have Netflix and see less reason to buy DVD's when it is cheaper to watch ' on line.' - and while I could have sold the DVD's it just was not worth my while,. the time needed etc. so I gave them to those stuck in single rooms with just a telly and DVD player and who were having a miserable time... and to a local childrens home - and having hundreds of movies to watch - certainly can fill in a lot of empty time.

It is like a painting. It is painted in order to be seen ane enjoyed not put away in a bank volt - but to be seen, and these DVD's were the same. many superb mobvies that deserve to be seen not stored on a shelf gathering dust.

Send your answers in and we shall be judging at the end of April 2021.
Good luck everyone.
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