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UGANDA LGBT NEED YOUR HELP, so please do not just turn away.

Uganda's new anti-LGBT+ law was just signed by the President.

The law will come into force in less than 15 days, so we must act now.

The passing of this law means:

  • Anyone convicted of participating in same-sex acts between adults will face life in prison;

  • Anyone "promoting homosexuality" will face 20 years in prison;

  • Those who allow their premises to be used for "acts of homosexuality" face 7 years;

  • Those who "fail to report acts of homosexuality" could face 5 years;

  • And those charged with "aggravated homosexuality" face the death penalty.

This is an emergency worthy of a global response. We cannot allow the tide of equality to be turned back so harshly and cruelly against LGBT+ Ugandans who have fought for their rights and safety tirelessly for decades.

I am therefore calling on All Out members to come together during this urgent time to help keep our friends and partners in Uganda safe.

John – your donation will help pay for the emergency relocation costs of multiple LGBT+ community groups facing an influx of violence and threats. It will help pay for shelter, food, medication and psychological support.

For nearly two months now, the mere debate around this law has unleashed a wave of moral panic and mob violence.

LGBT+ people are being forced out of their homes, beaten, and raped.

The passing of this law is only going to make the situation even more dangerous.

All Out is partnering with trusted Ugandan partners and activists to help fund an emergency response programme that will relocate those most at risk. We've already sent tens of thousands of dollars directly to those organising these efforts.

This is why the All Out movement exists.

Let's show the Ugandan LGBT+ movement that we are still with them and support them.

Thanks for going All Out, Matt Executive Director, All Out



I donated £50 to this as I do many other such causes around the world and hope you will donate whatever you feel you can afford - and remember - with Russia, America, Poland and Hungary turning back the legal tide against the LGBTQ communities - and with many African countries following suit, and with the UK leaving the EU's protection against the certain aspect of our UK government who are homophobic ( remember Section 28 ??? ) THIS COULD HAPPEN HERE and we are all at risk.

Now - Let's show some solidarity and a ' coming together' in support for our fellow LGBT .


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