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Trump has already laid out his 5-step Fascist plan

Written By Robert Reich

On Friday, Trump posted a video featuring an image of President Biden hog-tied —with hands and feet bound together.

Trump has previously posted doctored photos and videos depicting him physically attacking Biden, such as hitting Mr. Biden with golf balls.

It’s all part of Trump’s 5-step fascist plan.

In a previous post, I laid out the defining traits of fascism and how MAGA Republicans embody them, and I suggested that Trump and his lackeys shouldn’t be seen as simply “authoritarian.” They need to be understood as fascist.

But how could Trump actually turn America into a fascist state?

In five steps, which he’s already signaled he plans to take. Here they are:

Step 1: Use threats of violence to gain power.

Step 2: Consolidate power.

Step 3: Demonize a group of people and establish a police state to round them up into detention camps.

Step 4: Jail the opposition.

Step 5: Undermine the free press.

To read this report and how trump has, will and is doing - just this -

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Frank Zindler

For most of my life, I had taken it for granted that Jesus, although certainly not a god, was nevertheless an historical personage – perhaps a magician skilled in hypnosis. To be sure, I knew that some of the world’s greatest scholars had denied his existence. Nevertheless, I had always more or less supposed that it was improbable that so many stories could have sprung up about someone who had never existed. Even in the case of other deities, such as Zeus, Thor, Isis, and Osiris, I had always taken it for granted that they were merely deified human heroes: men and women who lived in the later stages of prehistory – persons whose reputations got better and better the longer the time elapsed after their deaths. Gods, like fine wines, I supposed, improved with age.

About a decade ago, however, I began to reexamine the evidence for the historicity of Jesus. I was astounded at what I didn’t find. In this article, I would like to show how shaky the evidence is regarding the alleged existence of a would-be messiah named Jesus. I now feel it is more reasonable to suppose he never existed. It is easier to account for the facts of early Christian history if Jesus were a fiction than if he once were real.




Within the Muslim world, sentiment towards LGBT people varies and has varied between societies and individual Muslims, but is contemporarily quite negative. While colloquial, and in many cases, de facto official acceptance of at least some homosexual behavior was commonplace in pre-modern periods, later developments, starting from the 19th-century, have created a generally hostile environment for LGBT people. Most Muslim-majority countries have opposed moves to advance LGBT rights and recognition at the United Nations (UN), including within the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council.

Meanwhile, contemporary Islamic jurisprudence generally accepts the possibility for transgender people (mukhannith/mutarajjilah) to change their gender status, but only after surgery, linking one's gender to biological marker. Trans people are nonetheless confronted with stigma, discrimination, intimidation, and harassment in many Muslim majority societies. Transgender identities are often considered under the gender-binary, although some pre-modern scholars had recognized effeminate men as a form of third gender, as long as their behaviour was naturally in contrast to their assigned gender at birth.


Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans are less religious than straight adults by traditional measures.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans are by some measures less religious than heterosexual or straight adults, according to a new analysis of data from Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study.

For starters, gay, lesbian and bisexual adults are substantially less likely than straight adults to affiliate with a religious group. Four-in-ten (41%) identify as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” compared with just 22% of straight adults who say the same. (The survey asked respondents whether they identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight but did not ask about other identities related to gender and sexuality.)



During the filming of "Home Alone," Joe Pesci, who played burglar Harry, deliberately avoided Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin, never joked with him, frowned constantly in his presence, and watched him with contempt to the boy was really scared i.e. that he would think he was really evil and that this would lead to Macaulay playing his role in their joint scenes as well as possible.

Since Macaulay Culkin was everyone's favorite during the filming, he was surprised by Joe Pesci's behavior and once asked him why he never laughs, to which the actor, known mainly for his roles as mobsters, replied: "Shut up!".

Only after the end of the filming, Pesci explained to Culkin why he behaved like that. The boy even fell in love with him because of that, because everyone else treated him wonderfully and allowed him everything, everyone looked at him as a child, except Joe, who looked at him as his equal opponent.



14-month-old Brandon Emery was left by his mother in the parking lot of the supermarket where she went to buy supplies for the house. Little Brandon slipped out of his belt, shifted from the back seat forward, took the key, and locked all the doors.

When she returned to the car, her mother, Kirsty Green, started circling the car scared and panicked, but without success. Little Brandon pretended to drive the car without thinking of opening the door.

The moment you see in the photo is actually the moment after more than an hour has passed when the firefighters started breaking into the car to get the little boy out. Look at that happiness on your face after an hour of driving.

WTF was the Mother thinking leaving a small child alone in the car, locked or unlocked ? I sincerely hope she was threatened with arrest and conviction for abandonment and endangerment of a minor.



Today in the supermarket I came across a grandfather and grandson walking in front of me. The grandson was screaming all the time and demanding something ... At that, the grandfather stopped and said: "Calm down, Misha, you just need to calm down".

Even when the boy fell and started hitting the floor with his feet and hands, the grandfather still remained completely composed and just said: "Calm down, Misha. We will buy groceries and go home. That's all we need to do."

Finally, at the checkout, when the grandfather and grandson lined up, the child grabbed a kinder egg and crushed it.

Grandpa then said again, "Calm down Misha, we'll be home soon," and turning to the cashier, he continued, "Don't worry, I'm sorry, we'll pay for this kinder egg."

After they came out, I couldn’t resist and continued after them. I caught up with them in the parking lot and said, turning to the man: "Just so you know, I'm delighted with how you calmed Misha down today, it's for everyone to respect."

Grandpa smiled sadly and said, "The boy's name is Alexander," and added, "I'm Misha."

Top marks to Grandad.



It looks innocent enough, at first glance. It is a woman, Kristel Candelario, enjoying some time on a beach. She posted it to her social media with the caption: “The time enjoyed is the time truly lived.” For ten days, Candelario had the time of her life in Puerto Rico.

What you don’t see in the picture is Kristel’s adorable two-year-old daughter, Jailyn. She didn’t arrange for a friend or relative to take care of her little girl… no, she simply left the kid. All alone, in her house. For ten days.

Jailyn died, aged only two. Of hunger, and thirst. Severely dehydrated, confused, terrified, crying for her mama… not understanding why she had been abandoned. As her mother took beach selfies, danced with strangers, drank cocktails and had the time of her life.

A judge convicted Kristel Candelario of a life sentence without parole. As he passed down the sentence, he spoke the following words: “Just as you didn’t let Jailyn out of her confinement, so too you should spend the rest of your life in a cell without freedom. The only difference will be, the prison will at least feed you and give you liquid that you denied her.”

There really are some self centred, narcissistic people out there who really only think of themselves all the time and this tragic child died a horrible death and the Mother will now be treated by other inmates as a baby killer, and we all know how well that crime goes down in prison. She will be in isolation as the other women will kill her - a baby killer and all... But no sympathy at all. Poor little child abandoned in such a horrifying manner. But I do have to ask an important question here - WHAT THE FUCK DID THIS MOTHER THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO HER CHILD ? even a puppy dog or kitten needs feeding. WHAT THE FUCK WAS SHE THINKING ?

It goes beyond belief how some people behave.

John Bellamy


Rabbi honoured by Queen Elizabeth to repay £2.35m to charities after probe

Story by Josh Salisbury

Here we go again - more fraud by high ups in a church stealing millions from the people it is meant to help and this time, it is a rabbi. Just goes to show, all religions have the ability to be corrupt, or should I say - all men and women of ' the cloth' are just as corruptible - if not more - then their parishioners.


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