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what did he think was going to happen ?


guest arrived today around midday and was shown to his room after a 20 minute natter welcoming him. The usual friendly and welcoming stuff. He came down 20 minutes later naked - as this is our Naked Summer, and he asked where everyone was.

I had to point out that after breakfast everyone; - well today anyway; - had gone out - to the beach, to the shops, to get some lunch, to meet friends - I have absolutely no idea as it is not my concern where my guests go and what they do... I explained I was going shopping now and taking the dog for a walk and would be gone a couple of hours as I do have a business to run, and he seemed somewhat irritated there was no one else in.

He asked another guest what he was doing, to be told he was going to the beach for a swim and then to the shops and back in a couple of hours, much as myself just minus the swim - and when I got back he was still here and still naked and wandering around and minutes after I got in he handed his key to another guest - why not me as I was around - and said he was leaving as there was no one around ( for sex ) and was dissappointed at the lack of fellow horny guys to play with.

WTF ? ? ? ? ? ?

This on a sunny Monday afternoon in August - and he expects the hotel to be full of hot horny guys gagging for sex from everyone else, and that may very well be available in some gay hotels, and in the evening at Hamilton Hall when other guests are around, but in the middle of the afternoon - I really don't get it.

He left and had paid for a 2 nights stay and had he been a little more patient, he might very well have met someone and shared a pleasant experience but by expecting, and complaining, on arrival and in the afternoon, WTF does he think is going to happen... I'll cancell my shopping trip and the dog walk and drop my pants here and now because you are horny - as if that is what he expected then he will live a life full of dissappointment as not all gay men want sex with another man just becsuae he has a willy.

Many straight men assume this about gay men and many married closset men assume the same thing, which is naive because in the straight world not all women fancy all men and vica versa, we all have our type and jjust because a guest stands before me naked dows not give me a stiffy, does not get my juices flowing as - unlike this man - I have some self control and a busy life to attend to BEFORE I have a private life - a sex life and just about anything else. Business comes foirst and he's soon complain if there was no breakfast oitems,. no juice etc. and how and when does he think pur stock materialises ?

I did feel for him but he does need to learn how the gay world acts and it is not a free for all cock festival as soon as anyone gets naked.

So he paid for 2 nights and left without saying anything to me, and had he done so, I would have talked and advised and got hi to stay as not everything in the gay world is based on cock and sex - not everything is below the waste and not everything is sex based by a long way.

We are people first.

Sexual beings comes down the list of priorities for many of us as work comes first - as without work, WTF is going to pay for the home in which to HAVE a sex life in - without wqork who is going to pay for a weekend away - and as NOTHING IOS FREE IN LIOFE - I haveto work and he clearly did not understand this and assumed it wopuld be free sex all over the hotel, well that may very well happen - but mot at 1 o'clock in the afternoon when everyone's out.

It is a very straight mans attitude towards what gay men get up to - assuming we bonk any man and any cock we see, any time and place.

Had he stayed I would have explained more to him and helped him see the reality and not the fantasy in his head but by running away - loosing £120 - was foolish.




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