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What does it cost to send out this Blog each week.

This Newsletter / Blog started when the initial lockdowns shut us all away from the outside world and everything we knew and loved. Many went into hibernation mode while others suffered enormously - whether it be at the hands of an abusive partner they were now shut in with; - whether it be because they were alone and lonely or where they missed emotional and physical stimulus from friends and even people at the pub - and where mental health rose to the surface with no friends, family or counsellors to share things with, and many suffered.

So I decided to share a little of what interests and excites me through a weekly Newsletter / Blog as a way of keeping the community united even if just through the internet - keeping Hamilton Hall in peoples minds ( I aint stupid ) but most of all, as a way of keeping people IN TOUCH with a crazy person ( need you ask...) that clearly thinks about PEOPLE FIRST and puts himself SECOND, as a way of sharing - so no one feels isolated - no one feels they are going through this alone - and for those who dip in and out of the gay world and have wives and kids, or even live a restrictive family life or have a lover at home, sometimes those times dipping in and out save relationships be they gay or straight, trans or otherwise. You see, basically speaking, we all need the same things in life and we all miss much the same things when in isolation, it just differs from generation to generation. Grandparents miss the family and grandkids who help keep them young. Kids miss friends at school. Many miss their job and chatting to friends at work. There are billions of stories to be shared of this time and I wanted to share a little to help keep morale up and people using their brains occasionally and to help many know that while they may be feeling isolated and alone, we are here and we feel your pain as we all go through the same thing together while being isolated and in whatever way we can, we are here to help, even if just through e mail or this Blog.

From e mails received since, many look forward to their weekly Newsletter / Blog from us.
The business package for bulk e mailing costs me £2,000 a year - so that's almost £40 a week to post out this Newsletter / Blog. ( Not counting the cost of hosting the various Hamilton Hall web sites, phone lines etc. to keep it active and the hundreds of hours spent on it. ) This comes from my own pocket as we are not financially attached to any corporation, charitable body, fund raiser, council or religious organisation and every penny raised is done so through hard work, long hours and the occasional donation from a member of the public.

There are no committee members dithering around doing nothing but slow everything down. There are no Board of Directors instructing me what to do but who clearly haven't a clue. No Management Committee working through ego. There are no arguments about what, where and how. No resentment as to who does what and most importantly, no ego driving force behind it all - just the desire to help and support. And we all know that only ego driven people will find fault with this article. There are no personalities running out of control wanting their bite of the apple, their name on the item, their fame and fortune known, as it is about the work, the events, the compassion, the healing and not about who says what and does what, it is not about the person but the work, and the life that is lived because of what is freely shared with no hidden agendas, no insecure little boy screaming for attention, nothing like that, just an honest thoughtful and kind hearted nut case ( who are you calling a nut case ??? ) doing the best he can for a community dying before our very eyes and where so many seem content to help it die - by dividing what community we have into fragmented sections of the whole - LGBTQ - Black, White, Muslim, Christian, Rich, Poor , HIV Positive or Negative - etc. All part of the same but all divided into separate groups seeking the same thing all the time which really - actually - divides and does not unite at all.

We all need to give our community as a whole - A WHOLE - some compassionate input to heal the wounds and help our community thrive together - stronger as one unit and not hundreds of separate bitching each other units that fail.

For me personally - there is no pressure to do anything at all outside of running my hotel and taking guests. I could use the time for myself, and say ' Fuck it - I owe them nothing '- but that's not me and that is not how I work at all.

There is no need to look outside of Hamilton Hall at all... as we are cosy and safe here and business keeps us busy - and what we do for the greater good of the community - the ' so called ' 'gay community' that is - sadly - lacking in so much genuine soul, and where so many organisations and self help groups have offered bugger all during the Covid period and have gone into hibernation until it seems to be all over, and the support and care offered to so many by - so many - has been - sadly - so little.

I spend about 30 - 50 hours a week sourcing material each week with articles, funnies, horny pictures and whatever I find that it is of interest to me, then I hope it is of interest to you. Random things of news and fun.. I will always have an opinion as - why not - God gave me a brain and a gob and if you do not have an opinion on something, then do not moan when it goes differently to how you want, as you have the opportunity to have your voice heard and it is your choice to stay silent. If others are larger and noisier and bigger, then we all know how an elephant is scared of a mouse - BE THE MOUSE AND SPEAK UP and you will be well respected for it.

I use to be real quiet and shy and never said a word, never had an opinion and more to the point, was never allowed to actually voice my opinion as ' back then' my older lover hated me having a voice and I was squashed for many years. When I did begin to speak up and people listened and liked what I said, I learned that my opinion is worthy, not to everyone, but certainly to many, and those who resent or do not like, TOUGH, they can find their own journey and I am NOT going to SHUT THE FUCK UP so others can get a word in OR SO OTHERS CAN SHINE.

I WILLINGLY share all that I am and all that I have and THOROUGHLY ENJOY a good debate, heated or not, where we respect and value and share and listen and talk and LEARN and grow to be better and more enlightened souls through the interaction of and from others. We are all here for each other.

Shame the way so many think they are only here for themselves and what they can get out of others - and all for themselves. Shame so many disrespect those who help, like the man who has done more for the LGBT community than anyone else - Peter Tatchell - and shame on those who use and never even think to say thank you. Shame on those within the gay community for lacking so much soul.

Everyone can shine. Everyone has the ability. It's up to you.

If you are larger then life and others resent just remember the Marianne Williams poem

If you want to share a story or anything with us all, just e mail it to me and I shall include it in the next weeks Blog. If you wish to promote an event just get in touch for a free promo.

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