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When the police let us down, who do we turn to ?

Met police on ‘last chance’ as Casey report to condemn failure to change

Exclusive: Findings of official review due out on Tuesday described as ‘horrible’ and ‘atrocious’ for force.

The Metropolitan police is riddled with deep-seated racism, sexism and homophobia and has failed to change despite numerous official reviews urging it to do so, an official report will say.

The report from Louise Casey, due to be published on Tuesday, will excoriate Britain’s biggest police force, the Guardian has been told.

Senior government and policing figures are aware of its contents, with one describing it as “horrible” and another as “atrocious”. One source with knowledge of the findings said the report would make clear that the Met was in the “last-chance saloon”.

The force commissioned the report in 2021 after the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Met officer, Wayne Couzens. The report will consider whether Met failings result at least in part from institutional misogyny, homophobia and racism. READ THIS APPALLING INDITEMENT OF POLICE ACTIVITY WITHIN THE MET HERE



Every single time I have had any kind of dealing with the police since being here at Hamilton Hall, so 23 years now - I have been appalled at the arrogance, condescending attitude, complete indifference and utter rudeness and patronising attitude offered.

One officer while asking me if Hamilton Hall had ever been victim of homophobia, - and when I answered that as most homophobia comes from homosexual / gay men anyway and I can handle them - he denied that as a truth and insisted that '; he knew better as he had done the course.'

I laughed and to his face - blatantly - told him he was WRONG - and the course he did was WRONG - as any man afraid of gay men are closet cases themselves otherwise why be afraid - why be so scared - UNLESS - they were scared of their own inner feelings of attraction towards a man and as this scares a lot of men, who are probably married with kids, they turn it inwards an bury it deep while throwing abuse at those who - like me - has been an out gay man since I was 15.

He was wrong and his arrogance - his condescending manner - FORCED me to speak up and in no uncertain terms, I told him he was wrong and NOT TO ARGUE with a man of 65 who knew the gay scene and knew gay people and who had met tens of thousands of out gay men and hundreds of thousands of closed gays . and he had NO RIGHT to lecture me as to MY COMMUNITY and what makes homophobia. I told him that the course he talks about just made him look foolish and the force were being misinformed as to the reality of who and what makes a man homophobic.

After we had a death here at Hamilton Hall where the police and paramedics were here for an hour or so, three different police officers questioned us about what had happened and each time, we told the officer asking, that we had already given the exact same information a moment ago to the officer ' over there - not 6 feet away - and this happened 3 times and each time they insisted we tell them again and it screamed that they simply did not have any cohesion between them.

A week later the Coroners Office called and asked - guess what - THE EXACT SAME QUESTIONS.

Fast forward 5 months - this week the Coroners Office called me ( yes again ) and asked the same questions and I repeated that not only had we spoken to three officers at the time - which they had absolutely no information on - but I had also spoken to a man from the Coroners Office, a few days after the event, and there was no information on that either. The women at the Coroners Office was very nice as I was firm and told her exactly how incompetent this was and she agreed wholeheartedly, telling me there was no information the police had even attended the scene at the time, and I told her that as it was a suspected murder, the police were here to make enquiries one way or the other, and the Coroners Court knew nothing at all of this.



I also pointed out that we here at the hotel were abandoned by the various services and at no time did anyone ask if we needed a counsellor or some help in coping with what had happened and I did point out that my staff and I am not use to seeing a dead customer on our Lounge floor and certainly not trained in CPR, which Woody did for some 20 minutes, and how this had affected us. She was shocked and said that should not have been the case and enquired as to how we are now, which I said we are fine but it's 5 months later, it would have been nice if someone had shown US some care and attention as we were victims here and the arrogance and condescending attitude of the officers asking us at the time, was appalling. No humanity shown at all.

And the police wonder why the public so distrust them ?

They don't have a fucking clue.

Top marks to Woody who was brilliant.


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