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who left the door open ?

We all make mistakes. We all drop things, forget to do things, go shopping and forget the most important thing we went shopping for and often we get distracted and when this is brought to our attention, we can either put it right or apologise and move on - what we should not do as mature educated adults, is come out fighting like a child because they have been ' found out' - and taking responsibility is what being an adult is all about while bitching and being obnoxious in return just shows immaturity.

After a good few days with a hotel full of people, one guest left early one morning and as we knew he was leaving and we would not be up and around for another couple of hours - as we always do - we ask that they leave the room key on the dining room table and just shut the doors as they leave for their early morning train of flight.

This has been the case for 23 years and no problems at all.

This weekend however a guest left at 6am and we were not down until 7.30am to find BOTH the front and the inner front doors gaping absolutely wide open - and the guest that had left early had not thought about closing the doors behind him and just left the entire hotel open and exposed.

Even the other guests coming down for breakfast were astounded.

My new puppy dog got out and we had a job getting her back - as she thought it was all a game, before catching and bringing her back in and we think a Squirrel got into the entrance conservatory and ran amuck inside - and all because some foolish thoughtless moron couldn't close the fucking front door behind him.

I was astonished and actually pissed off at his thoughtless attitude.

So I e mailed and billed him £50 - explaining what he had done and that if he sent a groveling e mail of apology - ( kinda meant with tongue in cheek ) we would refund the £50 - and he was obnoxious and spiteful in his replies ( several of them ) and at no time took responsibility for his lack of thought towards others and as for an apology, his immaturity shone through and like some child, attacked in response rather than simply act like a grown up, and he threatened to leave bad reports on various sites about us - and considering he enjoyed himself here and even mentioned to others how much he liked the venue, to now even consider leaving a negative review, just shows what an obnoxious person he is inside. He's a coward, too afraid to take responsibility and simply apologise.

Because of his reaction and because of his spiteful responses, I shall keep the £50 penalty and if and when he complains to his credit card company I shall willingly tell them how he left us exposed in a world of LGBT hate and where - for security reasons, he put us all at risk - and while we have never had any problems, I am reminded of 43 gay men were shot dead IN A GAY BAR in Florida a few years ago by a gay man who had been radicalized to hate homosexuals and WE ARE A TARGET - PERIOD - ESPECIALLY in this forever backward thinking world where so many countries are reversing their LGBT laws and condemning trans and anything ' not normal ' and if people leave the front door wide open putting others at risk -



I am the most loving and caring person - hence Hammy Hall has always offered itself as a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE, and where I DO NOT GET PAID A WAGE - and where we OFFER SCORES OF FREE HOLIDAYS TO THE NEEDY every year - and all this comes out of my hard work and earnings - NOT from some charity, corporate /council / government body or church, but from my hard work 7 days a week - BUT IF YOU PISS ME OFF - Just remember I was a hooker in London and DO NOT STAND FOOLS LIGHTLY and am NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK MY MIND.

He continues to be abusive and continues to avoid responsibility and really has shown us what a childish bully he is that he thinks he will always get the last word - WELL HE WILL NOT - and how mistaken he is to think he can take me on..... and all he had to do was say ' Sorry John. I didn't realise' and all this would have been over but he has to make something out of it to hide his guilt.

It will be interesting to see just how far he wants to take it.

John Bellamy

copyright © 2023

Hamilton Hall Productions.

All rights reserved.


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