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Women abuse men as much as men abuse women

Women abuse men as much as men abuse women, it just goes unreported and unspoken about because men feel ashamed.

By Walter M.

After I came out, I spent the next 3 months in hospital.

I read your Blog John and thought you might be interested in my coming out story.

I was 33. Married for 15 years. My wife could not have children. We were going to adopt but were refused. She was so het up about wanting children, she got herself in such an emotional mess, she was deemed unsuitable.

She blamed me entirely. It was all my fault her ovaries were in a mess and all my fault she could not conceive.

I had a test,. My sperm was normal and could have children. Her test showed something very different. She had mixed chromosomes - or something like that and it meant she could not have children.

It upset her more than it did me.

Her mood swings were out of control.

Her temper tantrums always ended in her hitting me at some point.

She was the abusive one in the relationship and it was seemingly always my fault.

I couldn't talk about it back then as I was ashamed. Being beaten by a women. I never hit back until that one fateful time. Looking back, I should have AWLAYS have hit her back and she is a big and powerful women and what gives any women the right to hit a man and scream when hit back, as I do believe if you hit me, I hit you back - so don't hit me in the first place.

To those do gooders who claim women are always the victim of masculine abuse, THINK AGAIN - as much is brought on by the women and much is done to the man that is left unspoken. Women are NOT always the victim, often MEN ARE.

One day after a particular hard hit to the back of the head as I came out of the loo, all unexpected etc. I had told her an hour or so before that I thought I was gay and wanted out of the relationship as we had little holding us together and I was sick of her constant abuse.

After she hit me I immediately turned and hit her back - the first time ever - and while blood dripped down my head from her hit, she screamed dear murder.

I spent the next 3 months in hospital because she ran and got her brothers who beat me up and put me in a coma with a cracked skull, broken ribs and more.

I did proceed with a divorce and the police pressed charges against her brothers. One spent 3 months in jail while the other got 3 years... and she had to do 50 hours Community Service for causing and creating the whole thing as the instigator.

During the first trial she interrupted the judge and proceedings by shouting out that her husband ( me ) was a cock sucking queer and the judge shut her down so fast. She just kept shouting and although she was not on trial, this was one of her brothers, she was jailed for contempt of court and spent 72 hours behind bars. On exit, she screamed some more at the judge and spent another 14 days behind bars.

She just was not getting with the programme.

I received thousands of £ in Victim payments and my dear X wife was forced to sell the home and not only share the monies with myself but pay me the remainder she could have had, as payment towards my pain and suffering and also pay for my legal side of the court case.

She was fucked.

One time in the second hearing for the other brother, as if she had not learned her lesson by now, she screamed that her brothers would kill me when they were free - a dumb thing to shout in court and with witnesses - and once again, she was sentenced to - this time - 3 months in jail - for threatening behaviour, disturbing a court in session, threatening violence - shouting at the judge and having to be forcefully restrained and dragged out of the court under arrest.

I felt desperately sorry for her as that was not the women I met 15 years or so earlier and her mental health deterioration was all down to her not being able to have children.

I left town and moved to London ( many hours away from where all this happened ) and I have never heard from her or the brothers since. I have however heard that she was sent to prison again some time later for attacking a complete strange women with a child in a pram. I heard she got 18 months - and this tragic little story ends there as I am not interested in her or what she gets up to and all because she wanted children and couldn't have them.

She blamed me for being gay, as if it had anything to do with it and I was always a faithful and loving husband who just could not take the abuse any more and wanted out, and as I had always seen myself as bisexual, decided I had had enough with women thankyou - and I now have a boyfriend who has never hit me, never caused a row and we really do have a great relationship.

Women, John, can be so complicated and we men are blamed for so much they bring on themselves.

Walter M. This is not Walters real name, it is what he signed his name but pointed out it was not real.


John: Can I add to your report on women are abusive to men.

My X wife was mentally and emotionally abusive. Her manner, her words, her constant put-downs, her patronising me like a child all the time, the way she spoke of me to her friends - and even her other was appalled at how her daughter treated me.

This weas all done in front of the kids. They then assumed it was okay to belittle me all the time and that was when I made a stand. I started taping her, secretly, and there were times when she was really quite evil with the manner in which she manipulated the truth. Constant lies and deception and even claiming I hit her and abused her which I never did. I never even raised my voice ti her as I am a very gentle man and would always walk away rather than it ending up in a big fight. She hated it when I walked off and would not involve myself in her tantrum. She divorced me - strangely enough - but lost any power of attorney over the kids as the judge saw exactly how she was and granted me 50/50 and because we share the kids, NO ALLIMONY...

The emotional abuse was constant. It has also taken me along time to trust any women again as the back stabbing two faced argumentative women that I fell in love with was not the same person who I brought home from the church and lived with.

Whatever hapopened to her in her childhood certainly left its scars and the abuse aimed at men, by her, appalled. Joshua,

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