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Would I lie to you ???

Would I lie to you ?
Absolutely not. I might bend the truth a little at times and exaggerate, but as a truthful person with nothing to hide, you always get caught out when you lie and as Judge Judy says - ' You need a good memory if you lie but when you tell the truth, you don't.' is spot on.

Would HE lie to you? Of course he would ! Boris Johnson is a stranger to the truth. Take Partygate Is one example. First he told parliament no parties had taken place in Downing Street and that he would be furious if there had been. Then that he had not been to any parties personally. Only work events that looked like parties.

Now he's been fined for rule-breaking in Downing Street and guess who made the rules in the first place and was on the TV most nights persuading everyone to obey them?

It seems we have no decent and honest role models for children to follow and no role models who set a good example for us - the people - to follow either.

With lie after lie coming out of Boris's mouth whether be it be about Brexit, Covid or Parties that were not parties : and with his constant blustering at a time when the country needed clear and precise leadership, many looked towards the Chancellor instead as he was handsome and presentable and spoke clearly and precisely and was what the country needed, unlike the blustering upper class twat that thinks himself something special on the world stage when all he comes over as - is a fucking clown.


The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer is one Rishi Sunak who everyone saw as

being in place to replace B-B-B-Boris if and when he is given ' the big elbow' as he has shone throughout this Covid pandemic in ways that showed B-B-B-Boris up for being the incompetent's prat that he is. But now it comes out his wife is worth millions, is a Non Dom - meaning she pays no UK tax and all while living free of charge in No. 11 Downing Street and this - absolutely - SUCKS.

Sadly, the same kind of arrogance and act of 'entitlement' seems to have struck here as well, which is a shame as he was liked and admired for his stance with Covid and his way of sharing a message clearly and precisely, unlike Bumbling Boris. Do these people actually have such arrogance to think ' Fuck Them' about you and I ? Do they actually have the audacity to assume they can do what they want and ' Fuck them' who question what they are doing themselves. ? Do they actually think themselves above the rest of us so when we are told not to party, that it does not count for them as well ?

So while millions of people were staying at home and where thousands were unable to visit old and dying relatives and even missed out on holding their hand at the end, telling them how much they loved them, and elderly and confused people died alone wondering what was wrong as where were there family and loved ones - many suffering confusion and forgetting about Covid, and where millions suffered because of lockdown and here we have those who made the rules, not taking a blind bit of notice of what they have laid down into law and arrogantly doing what the fuck they wanted and to hell with anyone else.

The arrogance.

The stupidity.

The complete lack on common sense.

And most of all, the whole concept of ' FUCK YOU' ' after the people complain and their whole aspect of not giving a damn what the people think will, and has started, catching up with them and fines dished out for Party Gate, and I am glad to say it probably will not end there. Paying a fine is one thing. Being the Prime Minister are breaking your own laws where thousands were fined for misdemeanors - and you assume you can get away with it, sends a very loud message of ' ENTITLEMENT' and where they clearly assume they are above the law and above the rest of us.

So it seems the biggest liars are not just thieves and vagabonds who know not better - but educated important and voted into positions politicians who seem not to know what the truth is - and while it is recorded that Trump told between 30 - 50,000 lies while in power, THIS IS DISGRACEFUL AND SHOULD NEVER BE TOLLERATED. If a child tells a porky pie, we scold them and send them to bed with no tea. If a Prime Minister tells a blatant and dangerous lie, - NOTHING HAPPENS - whereas the truth needs to be shouted and the liar shown up for lying and embarrassed in front of the people and maybe, they might learn.

How many times in Tesco do I hear a Mother scolding a child saying

' If you don't behave I will scold you in front of all these people who will see what a naughty boy / girl you are being. Now, do you want me to embarrass you in front of everyone ?'-

and the child usually behaves as they do not want public humiliation, BUT B-B-B-ORIS REVELS IN IT - he absolutely revels in the public attention even if grossly negative and damning his actions. He clearly thinks he is about it all.

But who is there to replace him ? neither of the two main parties have many who would be good as PM and neither show much confidence in much at all. During a time of ( and yes it is still ongoing - ) Brexit - Covid - The Ukraine war - or 'special military operation' as Putin insists on calling it - NOT a war... and various problems like supply of goods being stuck because of the French, oil and gas prices rising beyond the reach of many - and the cost of living sky rocketing where millions will now face fuel or food - heating their homes and staying warm or eating food as both cannot be paid for and will be one or the other - heat or food - and there is the potential for many to die if this continues.

Regardless of what the truth is, I wold rather - MUCH RATHER - know the truth regardless of how bad it is as then at least we know where we are headed and the reality of it all rather than lies after lies leading us all up a garden path of unrealised lies - which always will be found out anyway, so just tell the truth.


I was asked my own personal political view point and I will state I was raised Conservative. I voted for Maggie decades ago as I admire strong women and in all my years I have not known many LEADERS - who led from the front and took control of the troops and led the charge, and Maggie was a leader not a follower - she was not afraid to lead the fight and take on the bad guys and not tell lie after lie and bullshit the nation. She would turn in her grave if she saw the likes of B-B-Boros telling such porky pies and where just about everyone knows he is lying. Has be no shame.

These days though, who the hell would we trust to be PM, - Keir Starmer - Ed Davey - let's face it guys, politically , we are fucked for choice.

I just want honestly.
No more bullshit.
No more lies.
Just tell the truth and we can learn where we go from there, in honesty.


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