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FOUND - a turd floating in the toilet pan.

I read with a morbid fascination the news coming out of the USA with absolute horror. I usually read on the loo and have been reading tons about how a once great nation can slip and slide its way down the toilet pan - with one hand firmly on the handle determined to flush what is left of this once great ' Land of the Free' down the shitter and will leave huge skid mark of ' fuck you all' on the pan as it goes.

Chances are, there will be a floater left behind.

Bobbing up and down.

A big fat brown turd. One of those firm ones - solid and determined.

Floating. Annoying. Rudely announcing itself when you open the toilet lid.

No getting away from it - you will have to do something about it - as this annoying piece of shit is not going anywhere until forced to.


It knows you do not want to get your hands dirty. It knows you are afraid and repulsed by it.

It does not care.

It has its own agenda and do hell with anyone else.

It is going to sit there and put you off - period - doing anything about it.

Because it stinks so badly.

It reeks of corruption.

It reeks of coprporate dishonesty

It reeks of brutality.

It reeks of mental health and it reeks of an uncaring attitude and it reeks of murder.

It reeks of sexual depravity and it reeks of not giving a shit.

You know you will get your hands dirty in trying to clean up this mess.

You know you could become ill and sick from going close and you know this shit will smear you as much as it can just to show everyone else what happens when you try and move this shit from the pan - and this shit will just laugh as you gag.

This shit will do whatever it can to stay in place and to hell with what others think. You see, this shit doen't give a fuck for anyone or anything other than its own agenda.

Flush after flush it still won't go past the U Bend and just floats there.

Proud and arrogant.


This is Trump.

A piece of shit that no one seems able to get rid of.

The once great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is now sadly laughed at by the rest of the world who have learned - and some are still learning - to wear gloves and a mask when dealing with anything as toxic - anything as dangerous - anything as lethal as this shit that currently floats in the White House.