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Hi John, So very happy to read about the changes you've made to your establishment to assure the health and safety of yourself and eventual bookings of your guests.

We have absolute fools here in the USA taking horrible risks and possibly endangering by refusing to maintain social distancing and wearing masks.

I was in Thailand end of February and already they were practicing those safety precautions and my husband and I followed there lead. Our hotel was handing out masks and hand sanitizer as freely ad candy on Halloween...we returned home on 03/09, perfectly healthy to security agents in LA with neither masks or gloves while screening travelers...

Very proud of you and your efforts and Good Luck with your re-opening of Hamilton Hall.

Then a few days later -

So glad to read that you got some financial assistance from your government, I hope it lessens the intensity of the blow to your business and 👛 I'm sure you know, our government did the same here but the greedy corporations got most of it on the first go around, the second bill passed helped the smaller businesses...

I'm glad my husband and I are retired and our home is mortgage saddens me that our poor and those who live paycheck to paycheck have to fall on still harder times under an administration that is cruel, heartless and self absorbed for their own gain.

On a happier note, I'll write you if you wouldn't mind about our wonderful trip to Thailand which was an absolute delight to the eyes, the senses and the stomach😂...and yes, you may use my earlier note in your blog which I very much enjoy receiving and reading... warmest regards🙏



We live in Denver Colorado and have been in lockdown for some time and there are those who are stiring things up to re open the state and schools and get business back to work even though there is still a threat of a virus killing us. People are out on the sstreets with guns. If you sdisagree with them, well - you don't as they are the ones with guins and these crazy Trumpites are dengerpous and think they have the President behind them.

Ugle times John. Land of the Free has turned into the Land of the Bully.

Greg & Thomas.



My husband and I moved to Istanbul in Turkey four years ago and have loved it. The culture, the people and the climate. My husband is half Turkish so it was like a home coming for him after decades in the UK. Sadly, the government is getting its knickers in a real twist over the rainbow being drawn by children to represent respect and help for the nurses and doctors fightinmg this virus. The government is more concerned that anyone drawing rainbows, will make the children gay.

I give up.

I despair.

I truly wonder about the ability to think as an adult and not some absolute homophobe to even come up with such a thought let alone share it with other adult minded people WHO GO ALONG WITH IT FURTHER. One looney mind I can understand - one rampantly rabit homophobe - you'll always find one - but to then voice this in Parliament and have intelligent people back you up - leaves me open muthed in stunned silence at the level of ignorance displayed.

So - I always thought that taking a cock up your ass would be an indication of being gay, not just drawing a picture of a rainbow. Although we are in lockdown, we still see tons of rainbows in wiondows but the autrhorities are stepping up refusal to allow these to be displayed even.

What is goping on. In the middle of a global virus pandemic and they are more concerned with LGBT.

We shalkl return homw to the UK. This is absurd. AS soon as we can. Well done John on mentioning this on your Blog page.

Michael & Alha.

Hi John and thanks a bundle for the blog newsletter you send through regular like. It always makes foir good reading. Shame w elearn more from newsmedia outside opf the USA than we do in our own country. Jeff and I are in lockdown here in Omaha ( Nebraska ) and although in the middle of the middle of America and surrounded by vast open spaces, we are cramped into this 2 bedroom apartment and we have been very reluctant to go out, despite many who do. Trump is destroying this great country of ours and his slogan should read ' RUIN AMERICA ' as that is exactly what he is doing. Who in their right mind would cease payments to the W.H.O. ( World Health Organisation ) in the middle of a global pandemic - and it leaves us and I am sure the world at large, horrified at his actions. We were moving to Denver but have had to put it all on hold and like everyone else, no use complaining, it gets nowhere, so we muster on. Thanks for the blog. We shall return again one of these summers but obviously not this year. Shame. After wew retured - we thought we were going to be doing ' the world' but travel will have to wait. Keep well my friend. Gareth & Jimmy ( We were with you in 2014 - time does fly.)

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