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Could you have done something to stop this murder ? If a bystander had pushed policaman Derek Chauvin off George Floyd, saving his life, would they be facing charges for assaulting an officer?

Here lies the problem. I am sure many people who watched the video screamed at the screen that someone should have pushed the cop off and done something but it is almost certain you would have been in trouble for assaulting a police officer.

.It is a bit like the old adage:- : If you had a time machine, and you went back in time and killed Hitler then after you return to normal time and you tell all your friends: “ I killed Hitler ! I killed Hitler ! ” - they reply: “ Who is Hitler ? ”

If you take your time machine and go back and punch the policeman Derek Chauvin and knock him off George Floyd,

you would have saved American cities from burning, looting and saved several deaths that were caused by those in addition to the life of Mr Floyd.

But nobody would know that.

All they would know is that you assaulted a police officer whilst he tried to make an arrest, and you are almost certainly going to go to jail. And your defence of:

“But he was going to choke him to death” is simply answered with:

“No he wasn’t,”

and there is nothing that you could do to show otherwise.

Even though most African American and all people of colour living in the United States today knows there is the danger, the risk, the fear of being murdered at the hands of a cop anywhere in the country. It is endemic. It is bullying of the very people the police are paid to protect but in the USA, that is not the case at all. It is THEM AND US.

Many argue that ALL LIVES MATTER which is absolutely true, HOWEVER: When the evidence is clear that African Americans and those of colour are disproportionally more in danger of brutality and death at the hands of the police in the USA than a white person - and when it is clear that America is very divided with full on in your face racism - and when you have The President of the United Stes of America - one Trump - promoting ' A GOOD DEMOCRAT IS A DEAD DEMOCRAT' - so actually PROMOTING MURDER - and when he then has the police tear gas an innocent group of people and pepper spray them out of the way so Trump an have a photoshoot - and where he agressively promotes the White Supremists - is it no wonder the black and asians in the USA fear the poilice and want very little to do with them.

When the police become the problem.

When the state becomes the aggressor.

When any leader pushed violence towards their own people.

The people he swore to protect and when millions are disenfranchised and their vote refused, is it any wonder the USA is headed by a bully and where the people feel they do not have a voice and so - as the only way many feel to be heard, is by taking to the streets and in numbers, they hope to get some attention for their plight. Sadly, Trump followers and those who want to pollute the truth will organise resistance to smash and grab and loot as a distraction from the true meaning of the march;- that 99% of murdering cops get clean away with it, AND EVEN PROMOTED, KEPT IN THEIR JOBS, REWARDED WITH A FULL PENSION AND REGARDED AS A PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY - A POLICEMAN - but we know very differently and then the police wonder why we have such little respect and value for them.

I feel for the good police as I am sure there must be some - somewhere - and these murdering bullies get them all a bad name. I feel for any community that lives in fear and when that fear is because those paid to serve and protect are not doing their jobs and THEY are the ones feared, then where and to whom to you turn for help ?


and I completely understand the need for



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