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The US religious rights is flipping out over the Supreme Court ruling in favour of LGBTQ rights.

By Bill Browning and extra commentary by John Bellamy

The US religious rights is flipping out over the Supreme Court ruling in favour of LGBTQ rights.

As the week has worn on, the ranting from religious leaders and hate groups have become more and more extreme.

( so much for religion then... )

After the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of LGBTQ employment nondiscrimination rights, ( hooray ) conservative groups and politicians quickly issued statements condemning the decision.

The religious right, however, is gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes in horror at the notion that they won’t be able to discriminate in 'the name of God'. As the week has worn on, the visions of doom have only grown even more hysteric.

E.W. Jackson

Far-right extremist E.W. Jackson was the GOP candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia and his Facebook post about the ruling is completely unhinged. Describing the judges as “degenerate leftists,” he said they “are engineering sweeping social depravity and confusion through judicial tyranny.”

It is a declaration of war on the American people, our businesses, culture, Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values,” Jackson continues, saying firing an LGBTQ person is just “protecting your business” from “some mentally ill person.”

“This is truly devastating for our country. We are under a vicious demonic spiritual attack and we had better put on the whole armor of God,” he threw in for good measure. JB Comment:

So cops murdering innocent people is okay then - - Rape is okay - Mass sexual child abuse by the church is okay - Racism, bigotry, and hatred are all okay according to this man as he assumes says the worst evil is the LGBTQ ?

I ask you, WTF is wrong with some people that they become absolutely mad, insane, rabid - absolutely rantingly rabid - when it comes to LGBTQ. I can only assume the fear this man has comes from his own self and not God, not the Bible or anything else. Can I remind everyone that ALL people working in Government within the USA has to swear an allegance to THE CONSTITUTION and NOT The Bible. If this was in Europe or the UK anyone publicly ranting like this would be jailed for domestic terrorism, creating an environment likely to cause distress and harm and so much more and it astounds me how they have the nerve to open their mouths and admit to being so hate filled.

Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins, head of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council is well acquainted with mixing religion and discrimination. A former Louisianna state legislator, Perkins purchased his campaign mailing list from former KKK leader David Duke and gave a speech at least one white nationalist meeting.

Describing the “sellout” of Justice Neil Gorsuch, the Trump appointee who wrote the majority opinion in favor of LGBTQ rights, Perkins said it would be the decision’s “lingering horror.” The group supported Gorsuch’s nomination, assuming he would support their wishlist of far-right causes.

“What will it mean for privacy, pronouns, Christian schools and businesses, public housing, adoption, girls’ sports, and a basket of major issues confronting America?” Perkins moaned in an emailed press release as if the ruling had anything remotely to do with personal pronouns.

JB Comment: Maybe he just likes to hear his own voice...

James Dobson

James Dobson, founder of the anti-LGBTQ hate group Focus on the Family, breathlessly declared the decision ” an affront against God” and “a historical attack against the founding framework that governs our nation.”

( JB Comments: You mean as a country where the persecutes mass could find a safe haven from religious terrorism and persecution ? You mean the country where just about EVERYONE is an immigrant. )

“If there was any question that our country is in the midst of a spiritual war over its very heart and soul, this abhorrent decision removes any shred of doubt.”

As an aside, Dobson was also one of the founders of the Family Research Council, now led by Tony Perkins.

JB Comments: How arrogant that James Dobson claims to know what God considers an affront and how insulted God must be ( assuming God is bothered one way or the other about the mundane boring things we get up to day to day ) as don't you think if God does actually exists, that S/He has more important things to do that worry about who I have sex with while allowing horrendous murder and abuse elsewhere.

After all. God is right inside my bedroom with me enjoying everythign I do, as where else would My God be ?

Anyone claiming to know what God wants - is full of shit.

Anyone who claims to speak for God - is delusional.

Anyone claiming 'God hates FAGS' - is screaming their own fear while hiding behind the Bible to give their argument support -


PLEASE: If interested - read ' CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD' by Nealle Donald Walsch- Book 1.



Franklin Graham

The evangelical leader Franklin Graham claimed the right to fire LGBTQ people is a “freedom our nation was founded on.”

“As a Bible-believing follower of Jesus Christ, my rights should be protected,” the far-right Trump supporter posted on Facebook, adding that if his actions were motivated by his religious beliefs, “I still have a right to hold them.”

The court did not rule that Graham couldn’t cling to bigoted religious beliefs. Only that businesses can’t fire someone because they’re queer.

JB Comments: We ALL have the right to hold any view we like but if and when we throw that as an abuse against another for not following the same as you, then that is not God, that is not religion, that is a fucked up scared little boy demanding by being the bully, that you follow them and no one else, and that arrogant screwed up rhetoric just shows how scared men can use the Bible to suit themselves selectively. Don't they realise that when we see and hear this, we recoil, it is repugnant, and against God and un enlightened and un spiritual.

Steven Andrew

“Jazz Hands” Andrew got his nickname from blogger Joe Jervis “because he is the nelliest Miss Thing to crack a bible since Ladybird Bachmann.” Andrew has made it his mission to condemn LGBTQ people to prove his own godliness. (JB: and straigntness )

“God and the Founding Fathers say LGBT societies are a civil sin, not a civil right,” Andrew said. “Our hope is God, but the Supreme Court is against God, America, the Constitution, Christians, and the Founding Fathers.” ( JB: WTF ? )

“God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with brimstone and fire, so nuclear destruction is a possibility if the nation rebels against God unless we repent.”

He also claims Covid 19 to be punnishment for the sins of LGBTQ people.

JB Comments: It staggers belief that anyone listens, anyone pays these people attention and anyone believes what they say. If I stood up and screamed that all black people are black because they eat Marmite, I would be so shut down as a racist, a bigot, a liar, a fool - and they would be absolutely right - as that would be dumb. If I stood and stated that Jesus says black people are black because they eat their children - and I was enigmatic enough and 'Praised the Lord' all the time - religious nuts - people lost and confused - those willing to sell their souls as long as someone - anyone - tells them what to do and what to say and most of all - WHAT TO BELIEVE - and these gullible fools, these tired and poor huddled masses yearning to be free - blindly and stupidly follow like empty headed sheep. Believing and never questioning because if you question, you might soon get that it's all a load of bollocks. Dangerous bollocks.


More comments from John Bellamy below:

Here are a few things to consider. Screaming Priests - Ranting - Shouting - Manic and obsessd. Their tirade against LGBTQ just gets worse.

Pedophilia Is largly heterosexual. The amount of homosexual child sexual abuse is tiny compared to heterosexual sexual abuse against children yet most ' straights' scream at the gay men for being a perv when the vast majority are straight - and known to the childs family, so often a family friend, work friend, neighbour, relative and /or local priest.

Pedophilia is also not just men. Women are just a guilty.

Myra Hindley comes to mind.

Gays cause a breakdown in the family unit In my family I am the centre that holds it all together. Many families disown their LGBT child out of fear, religious clap trap and community pressure. Some Mothers do not care about the happiness of their child, more their standing in the family as a Grand/Mother and as a gay son or daughter is unlikely to give them that, they disown.


The LGBT who has no choice - or the parent who has a choice to learn or stay ignorant ? Fathers are afraid because of their own insecurities surrounding sex and the child suffers because of the parents own fears and insecurities. If the family breaks down it is because the PARENTS cause it to break down and NOT the child. Being LGBTQ IS NOT A CHOICE - any more than being born black, Chinese or anything at all.

One friend when his parents were told he was gay would not speak to him for 5 years. Completely disowned him. When his 2 brothers got things patched up and he saw his mother again for the first time in 5 years, she actually said

' I cried more over you being gay than had you died.' -

and that disgraceful - horribly ignorant rant by a Mother to her son shows no love, no compassion, no understanding, no Godly forgiveness ( even though there is nothing to forgive ) and her Catholic based ignorance kept her in misery as her family turned against her and while her other two sons gave her Grandchildren, when her gay son split from his long term lover and was a broken man for a long time - his Mother didn't give a damn - not a word of sympathy - but when one of the other straight sons left his wife, didn't pay the mortgage so his wife and two children were homeless - didn't pay for the car so she lost her only means of transport and if it wasn't for the gay son who helped her, she would have been destitute and good old Mommy Dearest had no comment at all and still suppoted her son who had abandoned his wife and kids BECAUSE THIS WAS STRAIGHT ... and Mommy Dearest really showed her true Catholic beliefs by - basically - abandoning her daughter -in-law and the grandchildren and believed and followed her son and his new much younger girlfriend, and this attitude was disgraceful and then people say gays break down the family unit when it is scared parents that do that all on their own and the lGBTQ child suffers accordingly.

The Bible is anti gay


There is NOTHING in the original writings to damn LGBTQ - partly because it was never mentioned, there was never a word for homosexual in the old texts and NOTHING in any of the biblical writings and do not state that God could not bring himself to speak of such evil, as computers were not mentioned either and are we to assume these are evil as the Bible does not mention it ?

Mistranslaters throughout the ages - sexually fucked up monks re-editing and re-working the works were absolutely fascinated with cock, cum and bums and this is shown in their frustrated anger at how they massively misdirected and mistranslated the true words as written.

Leviticul states 'Man should not lay with another man as with a women'

It also says you should not eat crab, lobster, pork or rabbit - grow 2 different crops in the same field, interbreed different cattles - wear mixed fabrics, trim your beard , have sex with any family member, and/or eat a milky meal with a meaty blood meal, and all this was as a HEALTH GUIDE.

Shell fish - horrendously dangerous with food poisoning

Robbit and Pork - Tape Worm dangers. 2 crops in the same field, gives mixed and bad yields. Trimming your beard was seen as vanity which was not allowed ( get you ...)

Sex between men meant no babies were being born and sex with relatives would make for idiot babies.

Milk and blood together in the stomach causes horrible stomach troubles as the blood curdles the milk in the system and this causes gut problems - and in a very hot middle eastern country over 2,000 years ago, good ideas needed sharing and hence Leviticus. Not anti LGBTQ at all, just against bad hygiene pratices.

RANTING RELIGIOUS LEADERS As soon as any religious leader starts to damn and destroy ANYTHING - let's say Hitler, Sadam Heusin or even Trump, let alone targeting LGBTQ's - then straight away they are not speaking the world of God at all but their own fear based ignorance. Claiming all sorts of things from the Bible and using it to make your argument is only any good as many do not know their Bible and what it truly says and so buy into the evil bullshit ranted by so many church leaders, and the flock - the ignorant tired and poor huddled masses yearning to be free - ( Statue of Libery ) believe it hook line and sinker because the priest said it was so.

But then - Priests have been misleading us for centuries about the depth of depravity our childen have suffered - tens of thousands of childrens lives ruined by Priests / Pastors / Vicars / Imams / Rabbi's and it continues to this day. HUGELY and they rant about gay men who are largely NOT sexually interested in children at all - and all - to hide their own evil ways - throw the blame elsewhere and because you wear a frock - and because people trust and value your input - believe every fucking evil word they say, and innocents is destroyed and evil reigns supreme. THAT, my friends, is the power of the church and these evil rantering bigoted small minded scared little boys, get away with it.

Some priests: Some Pastors: Some Rabbi's; Some Imam's - Some Vicars.

Most are trying to offer Godly work while the Instruction Book ( in Christian terms this is the Bible - but all religions have their own version ) is tainted and in error. Massively mistranslated to say what the Priests and Popes wanted it to say and not - actually - what God intended at all.

So there is nothing Godly about these people.

There is nothing Holy about these peole

There is no understanding, no sympathy, no appreciation and MOST CERTAINLY no love.

Sounds a bit Aspergers to me. No empathy at all.

You see, these men are scared little boys who CRAVE ATTENTION and use LGBTQ fear as a weapon and it garners them a following by other scared little people as well. Evil walks amongst us and often dressed like a priest.

John Bellamy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Your comments are always invited:

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