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He does not care.

The more I read - and the more I hear - and the more I realise I am awake and not in some 'horror sitcom' and the longer I pay attention - the more I desperately want to wake up. But I am not asleep. I am not in some nightmare. This is real life.

  • I can cope very well with the quarantine / lockdown.

  • I can cope with lots of telly and no visitors.

  • I can cope with empty streets, no traffic, no people and no noise.

  • I can cope with the financial problems - as much as it hurts.

  • I can cope with how we all have to take care, wash our hands, wear masks and use gells and an assortment of new things we have to get use to because of Covid 19.

  • I can cope with redesigning my business - new procedures for cleaning, greeting new guests, taking. personal details of strangers visiting - buying expensive preventative equipment.

  • I can cope with buying new dining tables and table cloths - table/room numbers.

  • I can cope with short dog walks as I don't want to use the car.

  • I am aware that the ' new normal' will replace ' normal' for a very long time to come.

  • I know many venues will suffer and close - Bars - Restaurants - Gymns - Theatres - Cinemas - Cruise liners - many will go bust.

  • I know maybe even factories where workers are in close proximity, may close.

  • I am aware that this is serious stuff and life changing times have been with us and will remain with us - and things will - clearly - never - NEVER - be quite the same again.

I understand, value and respect the way the world is going and the changes we are all to make.

I am completely ' on the ball' with all that.

There is just one thing I cannot understand

One thing I cannot cope with

One thing that is truly doing more damage to the way of life for multi millions of people probably billions -

It is not a bacteria.

It is not a virus.

It is not an alien invasion or even a catastrophic disaster -

Not a massive plane crash - sunami - earth quake or volcano.

It is not flooding or the worst forrest fires.

It is not fake news.

It is none of these.

You see ;-

I LOVE All races.







Non believers.









Oral sex



Womens rights

Black Lives Matter

All lives matter

Alternative cultures and lifestyles

and I should not have to list all the things I like and respect as the list is - er - basically everything in the world but for one thing.

One thing that is destroying everything that is honest, that is decent , that is allowing freedom to live our lives how we please - denying others their rights, stealing children from their parents, bullying, patronising, condescending, lying, deceiving, screaming on twitter, damning anyone who opposes, throwing toys out of the play pen in tantums, and someone who is destined - if he gets his way- to destroy the USA.

Donald John Trump

The thing I find hard to comprehend - Hard to believe - Hard to wonder;-

Who the fuck voted for him ? The bigots.

White supremists

Anti Abortionists

Anti womens rights in general

Evengelical Christians

Red Necks


Those wanting to be something or someone ' in the White House.'

Those with a finger in the pie

Those corporations who benefit financially

and clearly something that did not flush away and remains floating there for all to see.

So here is what the USA is playing with -

A President who:- Clearly :-

  • Does not care for womens reproductive rights.

  • Transexuals.

  • LGBTQ.

  • Democtatic Governors who do not kiss his ass and so he penalises them financially

  • Schools that are not reopening when he says so - even though dangerous at present, as he wants to revive the economy while still in a pandemic that is out of control in the USDA.

  • Showing his tax returns.

  • Does not wear a mask.

  • Did not even take his own SAT exam.

  • Hates Fake News while creating tons of it himself to confuse.

  • Dislikes people who are right when he is wrong.

  • Melts down on Twitter after his own Supreme Court nominees rebuke him on financial cases.

  • Spends morning hurling all-caps rage tweets while COVID-19 pandemic spirals out of control.

  • Hates the World Health Organisation

  • Desperate to get the economy open again against everyone claiming it is not safe - but he does not care

  • Wants to play golf while his people are dying.

  • Steals billions of £ of Support Cheques for small business and funnels it to his big business cronies while millions go without.

  • Hates blacks.

  • Hates Asians.

  • Hates Mexicans.

  • Hates Europeans.

  • Hates Black Lives Matter

  • Hates the way African Americans have rights.

  • Hates the New York Mayor for putting a huge sign up Central Avenue saying BLACK LIVES MATTER

  • Says the Mayor of New York owes him personally because he gave NY ventilators and Covid 19 equipment and assumes NY is in his debt.

  • Tells tens of thousands of blatant and clear lies.

  • Frees criminals like Roger Stone from his prison sentence .

  • and so much more it absolutely beggars belief.

The more I read and the more I hear the more I know as fact that I do not wish to visit the USA again - not if they are dumb enough to vote this man back in again in Nivember, If they do, then they deserve exactkly what they get and something tells me that if Trump mlooses, it will not be easy to get this asshole off the toilet seat in the White House and he may take some evicting. he considers himself above the law and above the people.

If Trump wins again, then as far as billions of people are concerned, America is headed down the shitter ... and Trump has his hand on the flush. And he doesn't care.


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