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Not a single person or organisation or famous star - speaks for the LGBTQ Community.

There is no single voice that speaks for us all. There is nothing in common, nothing that binds - nothing that represents and nothing - other than our universal struggle for accaptance - there is nothing that holds the 'LGBTQ Community together' at all.

There is no 'gay agenda' and no hidden LGBTQ organisations at play to turn our straight children gay;- or plans to take over the world and no plans other than to live a good and decent happy life.

Those who claim otherwise are clearly spewing made up hate.

I have to get up an hour earlier than usual to do some extra deep cleaning with antibacerial spray on all surfaces likely to be touched by customers coming down for breakfast.

The kettle. Everyone touches the kettle when making themselves a cuppa - 24 /7 - but at breakfast - as with several times a day- we wipe and clean the kettles handle and serve the hot drinks ourselves - so no one else touches it at breakfast - same goes with the 20 odd breakfast cereals... less hands that touch, the better.

This makes a ton of extra work for us and we cannot afford to just take on more staff - especially as we have kindly reduced our prices to half as an incentive to try and motivate travel in the UK and for those whose life savings has gone and they are struggling financially but really need to get away for a few days to R&R. Hamilton Hall offers just that and all at a reduced price.


I get e mails. I hear what others are up to. It never ends to amaze how many irresponsible gay men there are. After decades of fighting HIV and all the shitty crap that we went to to get anything from anyone in order to help those who were dropping like flies back between 1985 -1990 - I am astounded these young gay men of today - who have no recollection of BEFORE HIV - only what it is like to live WITH HIV, and clearly their arrogance, their condescending attitude, assumes they will survive this as well, even though Covid 19 has nothing like the medication HIV now has and how many decades - exactly - did we wait until these meds came along ??? Covid 19 will not have a ' cure' maybe for decades - and it is naive and stupid to assume differently.

So many gay men are their own worst enemy. Their actions appall. Their manner is beyond pathetic and the way so many bluster to hide their insecurities SCREAMS OUT FOR ALL TO HEAR and they are not hiding anything, it screams ... FUCKED UP...

Some think it smart to be an asshole.

Trouble is - many are.

Not a single person or organisation or famous star - speaks for the LGBTQ Community.

There is no single voice.

No universal voice that speaks for us all.

There is nothing in common,

Nothing that binds -

Nothing that represents and nothing -

Other than our universal struggle for accaptance -

There is nothing that holds the 'LGBTQ Commuity together' at all -

and other than we like cock - as so fucking what - that does not make me anything like you or anyone else come to that - AT ALL - as all Marmite eaters have nothing in common except they like Marmite. This does not make them family.

There is a huge amount of mental health within the LGBTQ 'community' and it does nothing but ruin many good ideas, many good people and many organisations.

There will always be those who feel superior and 'entitled' and God knows why because when you get talking to them and you get through the bluster and bullshit, they have more problems, more insecurities and more self doubts than many others and yet their bluster pushes people away while they think it impresses, when it does not. It just repells.

The LGBTQ 'community;' is also FULL of homophobia that comes from within the community and not from outside at all.

Many gay men and women are married with kids - grandkids even - and resent the shit out of any out - gay - free and easy - gay man / woman - and especially like me, when you are a public figure and running a gay establishment which as in my case, is a clothing optional venue and they just hate it ... they would spit fire at you if allowed, as how fuking dare you have such a lifestyle which - in all honestly, they are pig shit jealous about. So they try and destroy that which they envy / resent / want for themselves. And THAT is where so much mental health destroys a thing of beauty - JEALOUS - ENVIOUS AND RESENTMENT.


Homophobia comes largely from within the gay community.

There is no central figure, no role model, no guide - Just a few famous faces - a few with lounder voices who voice their political / emotional / moral views and are not afraid to speak up and face those homophobes head on - and who will be strong enough to ignore those who throw abuse and ignore those from within their own community who spew bile every time they open their mouths and those whop simply are scared.

Hate mail is common. Peter Tatchell has been beaten - and many gay men hate hiom whilke he does good work for the LGBT community.

Sometimes, LGBT people bite the hands that feeds them and destroy things and people that are here to help, but through their own 'stiuff' destroy.

So sad really.


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