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took a tumble

I took a tumble this week and hurt myself.

Was coming in from the garden when I tripped on the steps as one of the slabs lifted up and tripped me.

CRASH - down I went.

Bashed my head against the table inside the door and spun round and crashed down onto my left shoulder.

I lay there still as anything - semi conscious, and after what seemed like an age of just laying there

I did have to say -

'Is anyone going to come to my aid ?

as there were 3 guys in the garden who had seen me fall and that's when it seemed they jumped to help although I think they lept at the initial fall, it just seemed an age before anyone said or did anthing to help me.

I twisted myself round and my left arm was just hanging there and as I moved to sit up, it popped back into its socket on its own and I instantly knew I had dislocated the shoulder but that it was now back into the socket.

However, with a bang to the head and as usual, feeling foolish but okay, I flipped it off as just a silly fall and it was only later that concussion hit me and even though I had gone to lay down as I was VERY shaky - I had a really bad turn while laying down... like a 'white out' - for those who do not know what that is,,, barely conscious and trying very hard not to pass out for the fear I would throw up while unconscious and choke to death. Lasting around 15 minutres.

It was not pleasant.

I did actually throw up on myself while in the whitey - but managed to keep it contained as I had towels on the bed ready to put away ... and I was conscious so managed to control - a little bit - what was happening to me.

Shock does an assortment of things to you mentally and physically and none are pleasant.

Then just laying there, it took about 20 minutes to recover from the ' white out;' and then I was absolutely drenched in sweat... I was soaked but not in the mood for a shower at all... far too groggy to stand up, so managed a body wash at the sink in my room hanging on for grim death to the sink for support.

Rinsing my mouth and feeling and smelling a bit fresher, it then took me an age to dress with one hand and a severly sore left shoulder that kept wanting / trying to pop out of its socket again and has continued to want to pop again ever since.

I was not late to bed that night and trying to sleep on one side only and in positions unknown means you do not sleep very well and again I kept having severe bad turns throughout the night and again was swimming in a bed of sweat - hot and then cold - freezing so cold it hurt to shivver and with time, soaked in sweat again... and so the whole night turned out. ...

Today I managed to walk to the pharmacist and bought a sling and goodness - how complicated Do they make these things. Took me an hour to figure it out and painfully get it on and while not 100% correct, it holds the shoulder up and stops it trying to fall out of its socket again..

It is painful and debilitating and happens the weekend we are busy here and David is away so I am alone.

I have asked my brother to come and help on Saturday as we have super kings to change and it is beyond my ability - so he will help me and being as he is my identical twin - could cause some confusion with guests.. ha ha.. although we are more than aware of the confused looks on peoples faces as we have experienced that all our lives.

So this summer so far has been one of lockdown with all the emotional worries and fears that entails, and numerous ailments... broken rib 6 weeks ago - cronic pain in an arthritic left hip, gout, arthritis flaring up in my ankles and knees ... and now this. I am aware that at 65 years of age it takes a lot longer to recover as I am not 30 any more. It really shook me up, so back to bed today as well and will work later as best I can.

I am not one that looks for attention. I am however aware that I am always there for those who are unwell 100 % and am a very good nurse. I have also known that whenever I have an accident, there is no one there for me.

Today I am trying to buy a shoulder strap on the internet and so far Santander and Paypal have refused my card 11 times and told me that my card has not even been used when I am quit clever at buying stuff on line and this is common with Satander Bank fucking up as usual.


20 minutes on hold with Santander Bank sending my call all over the place and no one seems to have a clue what is going on. And all the while I am here bathed in sweat and feeling like shit and my own bank are adding hugely to my stress and anxiety massively with their incompetance.


.It makes me aware how fragile we are as even typing this with one hand is taking ages and the corrections I have to do.... and we must give thanks for every day that we enjoy good ehalth and where we can look after ourselves and not be ' in need' of attention and I hope this will be the last of my msfportune health wise for the year... as I have just about had enouygh./

It could have happened when we were closed and empty but NO WAY - it had to wait until we are open and I am busy and cannot take time to recover.

I supose that's life. Fucked as it is .


Hi John: Feel for you Buddy. Dislocated shoulder takes an age to heal. I out mine out a couple of years ago and it still aches in the rain and keps me awake at nights some times. Rest. Immobolize it as best you can. Exercise as well.


-------------- Sorry to hear you took a fall last week John. Not fun at any age but when older it is more serious. You have always been there for others if and whg=en they needed help and so typical you had to ask. I rt=emember you fainting at the dining table once and I must admit at first we thought you were joking until you slithered from the table to the floor.

Get well John. As much rest as you can get.



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