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How do you cope with knowing your body has passed its prime and will never look as good as it once d

'How do you cope with knowing your body has passed its prime and will never look as good as it once did ever again ?'

I did laugh when someone asked me this.

In my 30's and 40's when I was a sex worker I worked out 3 days a week at the gym and was in my prime. Black hair, tanned olive skin and I took after my fashion model mother for looks and my father for his height and big dick. I always hated those attitude ego queens and never approached life like some did at all, always being very ' normal' in my outlook to my looks and physical attributes and always very thankful. Without them, life would have been very different.

The point is, be pleased with what you have got., Regerdless of dick sIze, hair, skin or anything, there is not much you can do about what you are born with except regular workouts to tone it up, and although with mdern hair dyes and plastic surgery anything is possible, the natural beauty comes from within and cannot be manufactured or bought in a bottle - but it can be manufactured by yourself, by examining who you are within and those parts of you - which we all have - that we do not like - and change them... as no one else can do it for you.

I look in the mirror these days at my body and remember when it was beautiful. When it was in its prime and I do wish by some magic button or pill I could achieve it again, but know I never will. With serious arthritus I cannot do much of a workout as my hands and other joints are just too painful.

I have not put on any weight and have always maintained a 32 inch waist while eating whatever I want. Lucky me... as many put on a lot of weight as they get older, sometimes naturally and some times because of medication, and whatever your body type, the secret is to love it whatever condition, whatever size and whatever happens to it - or do something about it like diet.

  • Focus on the things you're grateful for. ...

  • Acknowledge and express your feelings. ...

  • Accept the things you can't change. ...

  • Look for the silver lining. ...

  • Take daily action to deal with life's challenges. ...

as otherwise you are going to grow old and bitter at those beautiful people and you will feel you have missed out.

The point is, we have had our hay day and now it is time for the next generation.

Having said that - EVERY DAY is your hay day - EVERY DAY you can shine and EVERY DAY is the best day of your life, regardless of age and we can be centre stage, we can hold court, not because we may be good looking, but because we have the knowledge of age, the wisdoms the youner generation lack and the common sense that saw us through to being in our 60's - 70's and even 80's and if we know how to, can still shine - regardless - and so we all should.

In a Streisand film, 'The Mirror Has Two Faces'- she asks her once beautiful Mother what it was like to be beautiful - for in the storyline Streisand is suppose to be the ugly duckling... and Mother responds...

'When you are young, you go to a party and you are the centre of attention. The years pass and yes - you are still the centre of attention., More years pass and you find yourself sharing the spot light and within a few more years, you are at the back of the room and you can hear - ' I bet she was a stunner in her time.' and you have to grow to accept. It can be hard, but that's life.'

and I have never forgotten this.

When I was 17 I had an old gentleman friend called Jerry Pendral Smith who was in his 80's and he showed me pictures of himself living in Italy just after the war years and he was stunning. Absolutely stunning. As an old man you could still see the old Jerry inside there - but the body, the hair and everything was that of an 80 year old man and when I asked if he missed the old days... of course he said yes, but that he chose to live in the here and now and now and accepted his life for what and where he was now. Having those memories, being so hot and good looking, having men all over him and being centre stage - he said - was wonderful, and wan nioce to know that at least he once had it - once he was the beauty - and he did question where were all those admirers now - now he is on his own living in an old peoples home - where are the fans that once worshipped - ANSWER - Old themselves.

For we shall all get old and our hair will change, our sex drive will alter and the once golden skin that tanned so easily and so beautifully is now covered in moles and liver spots and I do laugh. You have to. Sitting for hours in the sun getting brown - not any more - an hour is about all I can take before cooking... and neding some shade. Old age comes with a price tag attached and as Bette Davis says in one of her films

'Old age is not for sissy's.'

I am having aball. Oh of course I would like to be 35 again. Of course I miss the old days, but I am busy, I am happy, I am doing what I dreamed of and I am more my own person than I ever was in my 30's and I have found myself... as not always the person I thought I would grow into at all, but then again, I am never too old to change.

Many grow bitter and envious and throw abuse at those they resent. Many vile old faggots are a disgrace. Then they wonder why they are alone.

So be nice in your old age and just accept it is going to come to most and unless you die in your prime as many did back in the '80's - we are still here holding the torch and living life as we see fit and there is not much more we could ask of life.

We survived the Aids pandemic and maybe we will survive this pandemic as well.

After all, won't it be fun to grow old disgracefully and shock 'em all...???

John Bellamy


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