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Christmas is Coming

My dick is long and thick

Why not come to Bournemouth

And give it one good lick

If you don't want to lick it,

Then suck it and chew

And if you don't want to suck it,

Then I'll fuck you.

Just a little ditty to start the Festive Season off with a laugh...

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Christmas is coming

and the goose is getting fat

Please wear a mask

and forget about the hat

If you haven't got a mask

what planet are you from ?

One word of warning

You'll be taken to task.

This is the Christmas

And this the New Year

After hiding most the summer

And living in fear

We come out to celebrate

and come to see friends

Where loneliness and isolation

This time of year will mend.

By carefully considering

The people around us

We will celebrate with turkey

and make a great fuss

With distant games and laughter

We shall all join in as one

With carol singing and games,

let's all join in the fun.

We are all responsible

And we all must take care

As this is one present - a virus

We do not want to share.

So extra cleaning and scrubbing

To keep our venue bright

So we can all slumber well

and enjoy a good night.

So a Happy Christmas to you all

And may you stay in good health

and when 2021 comes alone.

May we wish you good wealth.

©John Bellamy

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