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I had COVID-19, and these are the things nobody tells you

Sports columnist Bill Plaschke writes about his bout with the novel coronavirus. Yes, he says, it’s really as bad as you’ve heard.

Read the full article HERE

John Bellamy Comments: Many assume it will not happen to them.

Lightening is hardly lightly to strike them as they walk through the open field in a storm and then ZAP - lightening strikes.

A friend of mines Aunt was struck by lightening decades ago. She thought it was an imposibility - the sort of thing that happens to others and never to you.

She lived a couple more years and her mind turned quickly to forgetting things, where she was, and eventually who she was, and the doctors blamed the lightening bolt for fusing certain pathways in the brain - and she died with the thought that ' it'll never happen to me.'

Another friend teaches music via the internet these days and mostly to children. One young girl of 14 lost her parents, both to Covoid 19 and now she is an orphan. She tested positive herself but has never been ill. The family now support her while living with an Aunt. They never thought it would happen and they never thought it would come to this.

Just goes to show that anyone can get this and anyone can die - and wearing masks and washing your hands might seem like a conspiracy theory to some and it might seem fake and 'over kill' to others - but who gives a fuck, people are dying - and people who should not die and who are otherwise fit and healthy - and not aged or have underlying health problems ( whatever that means ) and still there are those who ignore and think it a joke and to these people... GROW THE FUCK UP.

Read this article. it is interesting.


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