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Poland’s government has just become even more anti-LGBT+


John Bellamy Comments: Considering all countries had to conform to certain legal criteria both legally and politically before being allowed access to the European Union, you cannot adapt your laws to gain access and then change them back again as and when you see fit as the European Union should step in and either get you to change direction, or throw you out of the Union.

Poland is not the only European member to change their laws concerning the LGBTQ community and this should not be allowed under EU directives of entry.

However - Greece lied through its teeth about its financial records to gain access and then dry humped every nation by going bust and expecting everyone else within the euro zone to bail them out - when they should have been penalised for lying and thrown out.

But the powers behind the EU know there is power in volume - power in size, and the more members it has, the more power it has, but when that power is based in lies and tickery, as in Greece and Poland, then the basis for a Union is tantamount to shaky at best - built on sand - and it will come back and bite the Union one day and besides Brexit and our withdrawl, the EU will not survive under its present guidance if and when member states can change their laws to be contrary with all EU laws and regulations and expect to be allowed to stay and garner trade and money from those they have now turned your backs on.

You cannot have you cake and eat it.

You cannot have anti gay laws and expect to stay in the European Union.


Now - If the EU has any balls at all - it would stand up to Poland and demand changes made or risk being thrown out - but we all know the gobby union - for all it mouthy and wordy and opinionated members, are just that - gobby and vacuous when it comes to actually doing something like thowing Poland out as they are all too scared what might follow and maybe seeing the collapse of the EU altogether.

So nothing will be done.

People will suffer.

But nothing will be done.

John Bellamy ------------------------------


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