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The Covid 19 excuse.

Companies all over the country and just like the NHS and even the government, are using Covid 19 as an excuse to give a decreased service, a service that is considerably less than usually offered while still charging as much and then using Covid 19 for why they are so busy and why delivery will not be for 6 weeks and so forth and all this is BULLSHIT.

I contacted a company on-line and gave details and measurements for some new wooden hand made blinds.

They were made and with me within 3 days.

I was astounded.

All other companies are claiming and asking for extra monies for a 48 hour delivery, and after you have paid, state that because of Covid 19 delivery cannot be guaranteed ( even though you have paid for it ) and that it could be a further 6 weeks before delivery - AND THIS IS BOLLOCKS. NO REFUND OF EXTRA DELIVERY MONIES PAID AND I HAVE JUST BEEN CONNED.

It has NOTHING to do with Covid 19, it has more to do with the fact that they want your money but do not want to pay the staff to do the work. Customer Call Centres - 30 minutes to one hour ON HOLD to get through and they claim they are very busy - THEN WITH MILLIONS UNEMPLOYED - GET MORE STAFF ON AND OFFER SOME KIND OF DECENT SERVICE AND STOP USING COVID 19 AS A PETTY SILLY EXCUSE TO OFFER HALF THE SERVICE YOU NORMALLY OFFER.

Millions of people have been working throughout lockdown and millions of others have been just too lazy to bother and have taken time off paid for by the government.

Fraud is huge.

Billions of £ conned out of the government and we all see it as bars, restaurants and many on the High Street do not re open after being paid 25% of the entire yearly income by the govt. - to stay - and to - re open - and so - why have they not re opened... ?

ANSWER - Because they have taken the money given to stay open, stay employing people and keep the economy going, and by closing and taking the money and running - is theft - it is fraud - it is corruption all round, and thousands of business have followed this route and illegally stolen the funds given TO STAY OPEN... and have made their staff unemployed and on the dole - so costing the govt. even more.

I claimed the legal amount paid by the govt. to small business and the self employed and there are follow on monies available if your business is so affected and I could now claim more monies from the govt. TOTALLY LEGALLY - but have chosen not to. With my savings and with what the govt. has offered and with a cheap bunce back loan from the bank - I am financially okay and can do without screwing the govt. out of more and more as that will bankrupt the govt. and makes you no better than a con man... Monies I do not claim - hopefully - will go towards someone who does need the income as millions struggle to make the next meal and millions suffer deeply because of a shortahge of funds during this time , and where I am doing okay, and while I am still offering free breaks and discounts to help those in need, those screwing the system should be jailed and publicly given the Cat of 9 Tails as punnishment.

When you screw others during a time of a global pandemic, then that makes you a really shitty person. It makes you one of those selfish cunts who only see yourself and your journey and you clearly do not give a fuck for anyone else but yourself, and the thought of the govt,. going bust - WHICH CAN AND DOES HAPPEN - and knowing that you lined your purse with govt. money which you basically stole, makes you just scum.

Corporate power has also been responsible for fraudulantly claiming billions and all the while, people suffer while some get richer.

Curry's PC World offered a DISGRACEFUL service recently and kept me waiting at home for 3 days for a delivery that never arrived and I cancelled and went elsewhere who delivered on time and yet Curry's PC World COMPLETELY fucked me around and then offered £10 a day for my time which I refused as an insult, and I have never heard from them since, so shall



This is the time when many are seriously suffering. These are te days when families are going cold and hungry and big business and even some small ones are fucking the system, screwiong you all bare back with a dry hump and not giving a damn. These are the times when many will be left out in the cold while those who care - seem not to any more.

These are the times when the true humanity needs to be felt and not the selfish adolescents of some.

These are the times when how you act - what you do - how you treat others - how you behave and how you do or don't - will be seen - will be noticed - where others will pay attention and if and when this pandemic is over, you had better watch out as like some within the White House, when Trump gets voted - kicked out of power, many will never work again as their lies an deceipt has been clear for all to see and they have fucked themselves.

What you out our - You get back.

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