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Back in 1970 - Ancient History for some - I was just 15 years of age - Times were different back than and at 15 and just about to lave school, I didn't even know what the word gay meant, although was gay myself but still a virgin.

I knew nothing - absolutely nothing - about the new and growing gay community - nothing at all - and other than Health & Efficiency - the naturist magazine, I had no other place to see a male cock either.

No Grindr - No internet - Few gay bars and clubs back then although they did exist but I was too young anyway...

Walking through Bournemouth one afternoon I came accross a shop selling ' dirty mags' and they had these mags on a shelf in clear wrappers - so you could only see the cover, and I was in Second Heaven - for the first time here were magazines with male nudes in them and - well - at 15 years of age - earning a take home pay of just £4.80 a week - I was so excited by what was on display, that I spent £2 on a magazine of male nudes which contributed to a huge financial outlay for me - but it was worth it.

Now, at 66 years of age, over 50 years later, I came across this picture below and was instantly a 15 year old again, as that is how old this man is... he was pictured in that initial male nude magazine I bought all those decades ago, and here he is.

I wanked myself silly to that magazine and to the pictures of everyone in the mag, but it was this guy who caught my eys and this guy who I would wank to eagerly - and at that age - probably 3 or 4 times a day.

I have no idea who he is - where he was from, or anything about him but as soon as I saw this picture this morning I recognised him straight away. Of all the cocks, and of all the people I have met and had sex with and of all the stuff I have crammed into my life, I will never forget this man. He was - in a sense - my first...

So - who is he ? If you know, let me know.,..

John Bellamy


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