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Just because someone is into something sexually you are not, does not make it wrong. I dislike anchovies - vile vile vile, BUT if you wish me to cook a pizza for you and smother it in anchovies, I will, and I will with pleasure as YOU are the one eating it - as you requested - I am not, so where is the harm.

If you want me to cane your ass till it bleeds, then like the anchovy pizza, I am not the one being beaten, the one who WANTS AND ASKED to be beaten is the one taking the cane, and if that's what you want, then I will do it to you - and like the pizza, will do it with pleasure KNOWING it brings YOU pleasure.

But SO MANY PEOPLE - so many men - are intimidated by sex and scared of sex and will only do what they personally like and will not learn and grow and expand their sexual experiences beyond the limited scope of Vanilla Sex - which is fine, but for many - is a little boring and more in required - to push the limits and try something new.

I recently gave you a page of pictures of guys with ball weights on their balls and had so much response from you - many hated - and were fearful it hurt ( and if it hurt, maybe that's what they wanted - and if it doesn't hurt, then why not...??? ) and the vast majority of input was one of horror but fascination and asking for more pictures, and several readers actually attended our last Cock and Ball weekend to try it out for themselves.

So here are some more pictures and remember - GUYS WOULD NOT DO THIS UNLESS THEY WANTED TO AND IT FELT GOOD. It may not be your thing, but then, your thing is not what others want either and we all grow and evolve sexually and those who experiment with their bodies - I LOVE - while those who play safe and vanilla, is also wonderful, but limiting to those who wish to expand their awareness of what the body can truly offer and only by pushing those limits, safely, will you ever know.

Spot the one picture we are all going to go ' WTF that can't be real ...'


John: Loved your ball weight pictures of some weeks ago. I have been in a relationship for 12 years and I have expanded my sexuality while he has withdrawn his and thinks I am twisted. I recently got into ball weights and can hang over 7 inches of weights as I have long balls, and he really thinks this is sick. His limited view of what is ' normal' and what is ' acceptable' is NOT how I see things and while he lets me get on with it and we ' do our own things' - why is it so many couples grow apart sexually in this manner. I just wonder with excitement what is next for me to discover. Rodney.

Just because you do not like something does not make it wrong.

I think one of these may be a medical condition, don't you ?


As with anything, do not try if in doubt.

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