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 special offers available through

e mail bookings only

and must be mentioned in your first e mail to us. We have a new and easier Terms & Conditions BELOW to ease problems due to the Corona Virus & Cancelling  a booking. Changing a date is now free.  Cancellation holds less penalties.

Special Offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other
Special Offer, Workshops / Seminar or Bank Holiday - Festive period.

Any offer made by us is valid for 24 hours


We were offering between 25 - 50% DISCOUNTS on our usual price

but received so much abuse from people that we have now taken that off

and the normal and full price is charged and any discount is now down to me - and down to how you treat us. 


It truly shocked us how abusive, how messed up some people are and how they throw their abuses at us.

Enjoy an extended winter stay within a safe and friendly environment where we are constantly keeping the venue safe and clean and where you can enjoy the winter with friends and noit alone, not stuck indoors if and when further Covid

Join us here in our newly converted Dorm Room,  now an exclusive Double Bedded Suite with Lounge area, TV, self contained shower room with all facilities - all comforts and all together a bargain with BB&EM

If you  genuinely cannot afford a holiday but need to get away - John Bellamy will offer a few days to a week for free at Hamilton Hall,  but we do require some evidence and details from you as to your circumstances and why you feel you are

worthy of a free holiday.

There are many reasons someone might just need to get away - lonely - bereaved - split from a partner - searching for a way forward - no one to talk troubles with - needing a shoulder, an older brother or just somewhere to crash away from the stresses of every day life. 

You will find a sympathetic and caring environment where people care.



I love watching the rain and can watch this rainy scene above for ages. There is something peaceful about being in the warm and dry while watching Mother Nature pour from the skies.

Bring a party of 6 or more and get a very special discounted price.  If 8 persons or more, we will restrict the whole venue just for you - exclusively.



It is always a delight to welcome you to my hotel and especially in the winter months when it is easy for some to feel isolated and alone on those dark nights when it closes in so early.  With an all inclusive package here,  we welcome long term visitors during the winter months who want to share some company and laughter and to know there is not only someone cooking for them, but keeping an eye out for them - a bit like the Marigold Hotel in the movie.
The weather in Bournemouth is much milder than most of the UK and our winters - while it can snow - is very rare and plants live throughout the winter that usually die off in September anywhere else. 
Whether you stay with us for a few days or a few months, everyone is welcomed like an old friend and we are always pleased to see you and to share the experience. 
With tons of free stuff not found in other hotels that make it more like being at home and not in an hotel,  come and feel right at home here from the moment you walk through the door.

Now, doesn't that sound a good idea to you ?

If you need guidance and assistance,  it is our pleasure to help you in any way we can  and we do ask  that you read as much as you can on this web site first.

ALL SPECIAL OFFERS are only available if mentioned in your initial -

YOUR FIRST e mail to us and NOT in follow up e mails
All offers are valid for 48 hours max. Terms & Conditions below.