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'mission not impossible'

Channelled by John Bellamy © April 1999

' You’re mission, should you choose to accept it, is to survive with absolutely no knowledge of where you have come from and with absolutely no conscious ‘back-up’ from headquarters.


You will be able to choose operatives to help in this work. You will have a brief glimpse of their history file before commencement, and you will be able to structure plans together before going on the mission; but once there – you will have no knowledge of whom these operatives are;- and many will give you false information which could jeopardize your assignment.

It is for you alone to ascertain who your operatives are, and whether their information and input is worthy.


You alone will be making the choices that will endeavour to make this a successful mission.


Situations will arise throughout to throw you off course;- to delay and possibly inhibit you in accomplishing your objectives effectively.

There are many who will be in opposition – many who will attempt to cause emotional and physical distress, and these negative contributions and how you react within these, are all part of the assignment.


Your mission will also bring much joy, compassion and love, and through these positive feelings you will discover the road ahead will be easier.

Value these inputs as you will find these emotional supports to be valuable tools throughout the mission.


Your assignment is of the utmost importance on a global and universal scale. It may seem of little significance to you, but be aware that a much bigger plan is in action and that you are just a part of it. Not a small part, but the major player.

More rests on your accomplishing this job successfully that you can ever realize,- and whatever the outcome - whatever the results – always know that you will have accomplished it to perfection. Regardless.


During times of heartaches and despair, always be in awareness that at headquarters you are never forgotten;-

as you are being guided at every opportunity. There will be someone with you at all times,   and if you ever need assistance, it will always be offered. It is for you to recognise the assistance  we send as there are no sign posts and no directions.


As stated, you will always be guided throughout your mission and many new and sometimes esoteric  guides will help you. Some just for a moment, while others for a lot longer.


You may choose the best tools available to assist with your mission, and most of all we ask only two things of you. That you give it your best shot, and that you listen to the voice within, as that is headquarters,- that is your ‘Inner Guide’. Listen. For that voice will never let you down.




Your own ego mind will often distort and oppose your ‘Inner Voice’ and it is up to you to be selective.

Discernment is an important lesson you will need to learn.


You will always have knowledge that one day this mission will end, and how you react around that knowledge will formulate how you cope with the job.


Living in fear of what you perceive to be ‘The End’ achieves nothing, although you will not know that.

For there is nothing worse that a mission bogged down in fear.


There are many things to learn;- many things to accomplish;- many things to assist and many to hinder.

Throughout the mission you will be creating

‘Who You Are.’

Nothing is expected of you.


The mission;- should you care to accept it,-



Only you can do this.

Only you can grow.

Only you can achieve the wonders that are available for you to experience,

and only you can grasp life



Good luck with your mission.'



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