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by John Bellamy


We are not solely responsible for what is happening with global warming, although we are responsible for helping cause a great deal of damage to Mother Earth.


Over millions of years and many lives and civilizations, the human soul has evolved and grown to seek enlightenment and when on an individual level a soul is ready,  its energy awakens to a higher plane of existence and the soul moves into a higher octave - or a higher vibration of being, and moves up into the 4th - 5th and even higher dimension of reality unknown to us here.  Individually we have been evolving like this for eons of time and now it is time for Mother Earth to move on with her spiritual journey and like us - she is stretching her legs - reaching out and awakening to the wonders that are before her, and if we are lucky, we will go along for the ride.


As Mother earth transcends to a new dimension of higher energy,  our weather will seem crazy and erratic,  and there will be far worse to come. Far worse, because we are creating it with our negative and fear based lifestyles - created and nurtured by the government and big business. 


As Mother Earth raises her energies ready for 'the leap' - and as she looks forward into a new era of spiritual being,  all those who are not prepared - not ready - could find themselves left behind and it is said that millions will not make the journey - millions will die - although when re born, will join us again on the higher planes of existence.   And this new beginning means no more crappy karma from the past to drag around.  No more dealing with stuff from past lives and no more mysteries as to why things happen.  We start this new age with a clean slate and it is up to us how we continue forward.


Mother Earth is ready for the leap and if we are not, then we will loose out.  Those who have been preparing for this time - like the Mayan's who wrote the first calendar where  it was stated 'the end of time' was in 2012 - or more accurately -  the 'end of an era' -  ( for the Mayans could not see beyond the ending of the old time - the Pisceans Age - into the new age - the Aquarian Age,)  will find the Diamond Age of enlightenment before us and a whole new game will be in play.

The grids around Mother earth are colliding and re joining - The Indigo Children's grid is nearly complete and the vast array of grids that divide us as individuals - from each other and between our physical and non physical ( light body ) are coming together - joining - to form a powerful energy vibration that will assist Mother earth on her journey.  The grids are helped by many of the aspects taught here at Hamilton Hall as the breath work we teach  is one of the strongest bridges between the grids of the physical and the Light Body and as more people awaken to its vast energy held within each of us - and as more people attend various workshops and read articles and awaken to many of the truths,  with each new enlightened thought - action and deed - global warming and Mother Earth vibrations speeds up - and it may seem as if time is running away from us.  As the energies and time speed up - the vibration of the earths orbit and heart beat slows down, and it seems as if everything remains constant - the same - but you only have to ask anyone how 'time flies' to  know that something is happening - something vast - and we are just part of a much bigger story in play.


So rejoice.


We have chosen to be here at this amazing time in Earth's history for never has anything like this, on such a vast scale, happened before. Never have so many souls been alive and actively engaged in assisting this to happen correctly and never before have so many of us been here to witness this happening.


And happen - it will.    And happen, it is.


John Bellamy

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