and other conspiracy theories
sci fi weekend




November 12th - 14th 2021

£125pp with BB&EM

Fully inclusive of all hot & cold refreshments 24/7

Join us for a weekend of discussion and sharing on the concept of
Aliens & Conspiracy Theories & enjoy some movies and laughter

( aliens - as in - from another planet and not from Poland )















These are probably VERY illegal aliens...

( I wonder if they got stopped for speeding on the way  ??? )

Are they real ?

Do they even exist ?

Do they walk amongst us ?
Who were the Annunaki ?
Is Neburu real ?
Are we related to them somehow

The Missing Link - Was it alien activated

Are there ancient alien artifacts on the planet
Did we really land on the moon
The Illuminati / Secret Brotherhoods / Bilderberg Group
Is the Queen really a reptile
and so much more


Come and share your weekend and your knowledge and let's enjoy

a fun and laugh filled alien weekend where we all pool our beliefs

and our knowledge and take it from there
Share your thoughts with others
Nothing is to be taken too seriously.

It may be life changing - but that is between you are your Inner Alien.

It's a laugh based in some ancient facts.

Enjoy a relaxed weekend with movies, games, quizes and more
Come dressed as your favourite alien - win a prize

Our food for the weekend will be
'out of this world'

Bring your books,  DVD's etc. and let's share a weekend of movies,

gossip, make believe and qith quizes and laughter, enjoy the future.