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'Our Deepest Fear'

By Marianne Williamson marrtianne.jpg


Comment from John Bellamy

I have been told I am too loud - too demonstrative - too talkative and that I have too many opinions and too many principles. I have an identical twin brother 15 minutes younger than myself and as I am the alpha - I have always been the gobby one, the leader, the one you notice - ever since childhood, and there have been those who like to 'put me down' and with disrespect for who I am, tried to make me feel bad about myself for being the way I am.

It has caused concern in the past as it still does - and when asked, even my own brother says that while he knows what is meant - as in many family situations, he is the quieter one of the two of us  and I do tend to ' take over' and help the party go with a laugh, he just leaves me to it and joins in the laughter.  It does not bother him.  But is sure does seem to bother some people and usually people I have never met and they just ' have a go' through a web site somewhere.

This piece above states loud and clear that if someone has a problem with the way you are - being less so they can shine does not serve you, it actually does not serve them and it most certainly does not serve the universe or the God Within. 


If someone has a problem with the way you are - and the way you are is just who you are and not some mass murderer or something - then the problem is not yours but theirs and for them to get over and accept.  Jealousy and envy destroy many and stifles growth. 

There will always be those who resent - and there really is nothing you can do about this - and nor should you - but with consideration and thought,  by continuing truthfully in being  who you are,  you will attract those to you who resonate to your vibe - your madness and your fun and the world will grow and evolve and those who resent - sadly - can either change their view or move away and leave you be.  Those who keep sniping through various internet sites and those who keep bad mouthing you behind your back are just showing the world what they themselves lack - what they envy - what they fear in you because they miss it within themselves, and we must all shine and give it our best - we must all encourage others and invite others to be the best they can - as for some - they have always been pushed down and not given permission to shine - and many do not know they even can - and it is only when each of us shine our light, offer the best of ourselves to others, can we truly know who we are.


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