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lgbt history and
why are gay me called faggots




why are gay men called faggots ?
























Around the years 200 - 500 AD,  the holy writings were collected together by Constantine and hundreds of his ' holy men' ;- and over several hundred years, they fought and argued and almost went to war in editing  and manipulating what these writings,  in their view,  meant;-   and what the founding fathers of the Roman Church wanted them to say - and this collection, this library,  better known as the bible,  using older writings, much of which had been plagiarized from much older documented stories - were then edited to make the rules and guidelines that would become the staple diet of Christian faith.

The Old Testament material was plagiarized from older Sumerian tales and massively reworked to say what they wanted them to say.
The New testament - which is loosely based on the words of Jesus - ( as this was in some cases hundreds of years later and many of the stories were simply in error ) were also massively edited into Latin and this became The Bible.

So not that accurate and truthful then.

In the middle ages when the church was making huge headway through Europe - spreading their versions of the gospels, any holy person, sooth, sayer or shaman who was still proselytizing the whole truth and not sharing the edited truth, were seen as a threat to the church and these people were brutally murdered to keep them quiet.

In the UK for instance,  where the population largely lived in remote hamlets and villages;-  the 'odd ball' - the man or women who knew the ' old ways' and the ' old beliefs',  and who  lived away from the hamlets and villages out in the woods often alone,  and they knew about potions and lotions in time of injury, child birth etc. and the local people admired and loved these people. They would visit and share their old truths and the people listened and learned the old ways.

Pagan truths. Ancient truths, Truths the church feared and truths the church wanted editing from the very consciousness of humankind and truths that could rock the very foundation of the church and loose them the control they had and were working hard  in order the gain complete control over the peoples mind, body and soul.

It was not about helping us to God;- it was about limiting our journey to God and making us think we needed the church in order to get to God - and that gave the church wealth, power and choir bys ( not in that order maybe...)

The church did not like these 'odd balls' sharing the old truths and damned them as witches and murdered many because they would not ' toe the line' - and the 'old beliefs' - or some would say the ' whole truth and nothing but the whole truths' - gave the people freedom from the church and - in fact - no need for a church at at all as God was within - which was considered blasphemy by the controlling church , and as many of these 'odd ball' men were homosexual,
( because women and gay men share similar bridges in the brain of intuition )   these 'odd balls' were rounded up and in order to shut them up  they were accused of being in league with the Devil and called witches and burned or drowned - in order to rid the communities of those who used their intuition and channelled Gods word. 













The men were gathered  and bound together and put  with the bound kindelling wood and slowly burned to death.
Local people watched and told any child who showed signs of being ' special' to hide their gifts, their talents - for fear the church would murder them as well,  and


anything that is bound together is called a faggot.


A fag - use to be a common word for a cigarrette - short for the word faggot - as the tobacco is bound within the paper.

Faggot - as in the UK meat dish, is basically a meat ball where all the ingredience are bound together with an
egg that binds everything together - and was commonly called a faggot.
The church then re edited the writings to make it appear as if God hated homosexuals and that we were an abomination, and the world has believed it ever since.











The word has become known to mean a gay man - but has always been accepted as being a nasty word, an insult - and only in recent times when gay men came out of the closet and started reclaiming words like faggot and accepting and using the word themselves, has it lost its nastiness and meaning and only ignorant uneducated people call others rude names these days as we are all part of some minority of some style,  all of us,  and name calling has been seen for what it is - ignorance and fear.

Stories like Hansel & Gretel were used by the church to scare children away from playing in the woods and staying in the villages and hamlets where the church,  by the time the child was 4 or 5 - would have a strangle hold on their beliefs as they had restricted their learning.  Stories that scared children to stay clear of the woods for fear of meeting the nasty witch,  meant they would not play in the woods and so meet these ' odd balls' and learn the old ways, the pagan ways, the pre Christian belief structures that offered more freedom for the human soul,  and many stories were used in this fashion and many of these old stories have hidden meanings often lost to the modern mind.

So we see here that for generations, gay men had gifts that the church feared and THIS is why they so fear gay men and NOT because we have sex together or anything else, the church in its rabid fear of losing control,  will murder millions in order to keep its vile nasty and dirty little secrets hidden, and if it means killing the very prophets they once admired and worshipped, then in deed, they will murder however many it takes.

The mighty church are scared of gay men.
The mighty church is FULL of gay men.
Who are they kidding ?

Sadly - hundreds, thousands and maybe millions have been brutally mass murdered by the Christian church and it has, to this day, the most blood on its hands than any other religion on the planet.



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