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Frequently Asked Questions                                     

Q: Do you have an age restriction & what is the average age of customers.
A: Legal age and above. The average age is anywhere between 35 - 85
Q: How can Hamilton Hall be legally men only.


Q:  As a naked venue, can I have sex anywhere.

A:  We ask that you act responsibly downstairs in the communal rooms  -  after all, you have a bedroom.   Not everyone will be as  impressed with your willy as you may be and not everyone is interested - period.  We offer a very broad minded approach to life, love and the universe and nothing shocks us, but we ask that you respect other guests and use a little decorum.

Q:  Do you allow guests to stay as guests and who are not taking part in a workshop that may be running.

A:  Most workshops,  Yes we do, as long as you allow and respect some space may be reserved for the workshop. 
X Rated Events - No we do not.  We do not mix B&B guests when hosting an Adult Themed weekend.

Q:  Can I stay in the hotel during the day.

A:  Yes you can. Many people do. It is a great place to 'hang out' and just relax, watch telly,  watch a DVD, listen to music, do something, do nothing, chat with the guys or spend the day in bed.  We do not hassle you and there are around 40 different hot and cold refreshments, cakes, biscuits and all sorts to enjoy SELF SERVICE - just help yourself.  Make yourself at home and enjoy the place any time of the day or night.








Q: Can I bring someone back for the night who I might meet in a local bar.
A:  Yes you can. Help yourself to refreshments and have a great time. If he wants breakfast then we will ask for £5.  If the same person stays a 2nd and/or 3rd night with you then we may consider this a Double booking and you will be charged accordingly.

Q:  If attending a workshop I discover it is not for me, what happens.
A:  Speak to the workshop facilitator and you are welcome to pull out and relax in the hotel and still have the meals with us. If you cannot be peaceful and respectful and become a nuisance - you will be asked to leave and no refund will be offered.  Our workshops are quite clear on this web site as to their content and if you read incorrectly or it simply is not for you, please take responsibility and act accordingly.  If this is for an X Rated weekend, then you may be asked to leave. Period.


Q: I am vegetarian, can you cater for me.
A:  If you wish dinner in the evening, pease tell us at breakfast you are vegetarian and we can cater accordingly

Q: I am Gluten Free -  Vegan - Can you cater for me.
A:  With 4 days prior notice only.  We have to purchase and cater especially for

you and charge an extra £25  per day with breakfast and dinner catered just for you.  We charge an extra £50 a day if during the Christmas / New Year period.  You are also welcome to bring your own food stuff and we have a Guest Fridge in the Dining Room.

Q: Can I come and go in and out of the hotel.
A: Yes, You have your own key.

Q: I do not have a credit / debit card.  How do I make a booking.
A: You can visit and pay us cash in hand to make the booking. We only take cheques with a £25 admin fee added and require a 7 day period to clear the cheque prior to the booking commencing.  We will require proof of ID and of your home acddress.


Q: Do you have a Cancellation Policy.
A: To protect ourselves from the few who like to play games and mess us around, yes we do -


Q: Room Share.  What if I don't like the person I am sharing with.
A:  Sharing is done anonymously as we do not know you and we do not know who you may be sharing with. If you do not get on then we will endeavour to move one of you - and if this is because you snore and forgot to mention this when booking, you may be charged extra if  we have to upgrade you or the other person.  If you creep the other person out for some reason or use unreasonable behaviour - we will upgrade the other person and charge you accordingly.  Be realistic, we do not have Brad Pitt or Hugh Jackman staying and even if we did,  do not assume your dreams will come true. Be realistic  and thoughtful of others.


Q: Do you have a smoking area.
A: Yes. In the garden like all other hotels, pubs etc.  We have a small covered in area out of the rain.  In certain circumstances you may smoke indoors in John Bellamy's own private studio apartment  at the top oif Hamilton Hall as this is non business and smoking is permitted. This is by invitation only and when he is with you.  You can smoke whatever you like but please no pipes or cigars.


Q:  If I come alone will I be left on my own as in so many other venues and feel 'the odd one out'.
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Most our guests come alone and you are always welcome to join in and make friends - as we eat at one table for all meals and this makes for friendships quite easily and if you are a little shy, your host always jollies things along and gets people talking. The TV room is shared to watch a movie or even just the News and this is also a very social room where people usually chat all over the movie and we hear peels of laughter coming up the stairs.
It is NOT like many other gay hotels where you do not see anyone and other than the staff,  you are ignored. John is around most the time and especially in the evenings after dinner is finnished,  invites people to his studio to watch a movie, watch X Factor, have chat, share a ciggie - with absolutely no strings attached.  It is nice if people are alone to invilve them and help them feel at home and not left to feel alone.

Q:  Is it possible to get a massage in the hotel.
A: Yes it is. We currently ( September 2015 ) have a very good ' in house' masseur - Please speak to him concerning availability and prices.  If you wish to invite someone else in to give you a massage,  we may charge £10 for extra towels to cover your bedding from the oils used.


Q: If I damage something, do I have to pay for it.
A: Accidents happen and if an obvious accident, then no.  If you do something really dumb and cause damage, then yes we do,  Full price of replacement plus extra having to go and replace what you broke.

This goes for if you bring a dog and he pees or poo's,  we ask you to clean it up and any damage is charged for.

Accidents happen.  Don't worry. Just be sensible. One guy balanced a glass of red wine on a beige couch and then stood up, and the wine went everywhere. He would never do this at home as it was the most irresponsible thing to do, and he was charged for cleaning the covers.


Q:  Do you have a safe in the bedroom.
A: No we do not. If you wish to put something in our safe,  just speak to John.
In 15 years we have never had a report of anything being stolen or going missing.  If Room Sharing, put your things away and do not leave them laying around the hotel.

Q: I have difficulty walking, do you have facilities for me.
A: No we do not. The bedrooms are 19 stairs up on the first floor.  We are in complete accordance with the Disability Act and do not need provide ground floor rooms, disabled toilets or an elevator.  The law only applies to new build properties and where it is affordable and convenient to offer facilities in older buildings. 

Q: I am hard of hearing, do you have an Induction Loop.

A: No we do not.

Q: If I bring my push bike,  is there somewhere I can store it at night or when not in use.

A: Yes there is.


Q: Do you accept women and childen.
A: NO.


Q: Do I need fill my luggage with a beach towel or do you have ones we can use.
A:  We have beach towels and charge £5 - and if we drive you to the ferry for the naturist beach - £5 each way and a beach towel and bottled water is offered per person.

Q:  Can I pay by cheque.
A: We charge an extra £25  and require 7 working days to clear the cheque before your booking commences.


Q:  Can I pay extra in advance on a credit card and have the remainder wired to me so I can pay for the car hire etc. in cash.
A: We were not born yesterday and know this illegal theft trick,  and the one where you ask for an expensive £500 bottle of wine - and the one ...  we know how thieves and tricksters attempt to con hotels, so get up earlier than that if you think we will fall for it.


Q: Do you offer dinner

A: Yes we do. £20 for 2 cources with a glass of wine and ground coffee. 

Served at 7pm in the summer months and 6pm in the winter. Our Daily Special will be on the board in the dining room each day - and must be ordered before 4pm as everything is cooked fresh.  Pay your server in cash on the night please.  All food is cooked in house and is very good value. 

Q: How far are you from the centre of Bournemouth.
A:  It is a 5 - 10 minute drive or a 15 - 20 minute walk.  It ius a opretty walk and you can go along the prom and see some pretty sites on the beach or along th cliff tops,  or along the road...  It is a bit hilly - up and down, and the centre of Bournemouth has been voted one of the best retail spaces in the UK and as the larghest tourist destination in the UK - with award winning beaches ( sandy  not stoney like Brighton - ha ha - dig dig )  our own Symphone Orchestra and the beautiful county of Dorset,  Bournemouth has it all.

Q: I need to refregerate my medication, is there a fridge I can use.

A:  In the Dining Room there are a couple of fridges you can store things that need keeping chilled. Just label it with your name and room number.

Q: I am an elderly man, not in good shape and it worries me that I will not fit in. 
A: Not at all.  None of us are getting any younger or healthier and our average age is the older man - 35 - 85 and if anyone gave you attitiude about your age they would have John Bellamy to contend with as he does not appreciate ageism, body fascists or anything. We are all worthy. We are all valid. Everyone has a story and everyone has a right to happiness.  If you do not like the look of someone, then look away.


Q: Are you open all year.
A: Yes we are.

Q:  Do you charge the same all year or have seasonal charges which apply.
A: We charge the same all year except for Special Events, Bank Holidays and the Festive Season.

Q: Do you offer any SPECIAL OFFERS
A: Special Offers are available by registering your e mail address and name with us 

and we send via e mail any current Special Offers.


Q: Do you charge extra for payment taken using Credit / Debit Card like many venues and organisations.
A: No we do not. The price is the price.

Q: What extra charges are charged.
A: If you ask the price of a room by contacting us THROUGH THIS WEB SITE - where you can find the charges for yourself and not ask us, then we may add £5 a night onto your quote for our time in answering your e mail.  This web site is here for the reason of making life easy for you - and easy for us.  If it is considered you have generally messed us around and made more work for us ( you would be amazed how unprofessional and thoughtless some people are when contacting us )  we may add an admin / surcharge onto your booking fee.  This can range from £5 - £50. 
We ask that you respect our time - respect how we do business and offer us a professional approach to business as you would expect in return. 





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