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dogs welcome

1 dog 1 night - £10 -
2 nights - £15 - 3 nights - £20

2 dogs 1 night - £15 - 2 nights- £20 - 3 nights - £25

Bring your own food and bedding. 

We  also advertise a DOG WEEK a couple of times a year where your dog comes for free with a 2 night minimum
and we share a a walk around 1pm ish every day with our own dogs.  If you wish to go out in the evening, we will
dog sit for you - up until midniught.
There are small parks within 3 or 4 minutes walk from Hamilton Hall - and the beach ( winter only ) is a 10 minute
walk.  Longer walks are a 5 - 20 minute drive away and there are loads of wonderful places for short, medium and
long walks - and all through beautiful woods, countryside, meadows, parks and coastline.  

Please ensure your poch is house trained and good with other dogs.

Any little presents left for us are for you to clean up and any damage caused is to be paid for. That said,  children will be children and accidents happen and it is really no big deal. If repeated - there may be a charge for steam cleaning.  Just make sure you take your dog out plenty of times so there are no accidents.  If a dog pees on your bed, then that is chargeable and a new matress and bedding may be required and charged. 



Going away and having to leave your pet in kennels or with a friend can be a hard thing to do and we welcome your dog and there are many truly beautiful places to exercise them in the area.. If well behaved, we can dog sit of an evening so you can go out. 


You sure as hell wouldn't get that kind of service anywhere else.

We have several dogs here and all get on well with other dogs and we might have to stop them playing - as like children, this is a holiday away for them as well and when they meet other dogs, naturally they want to play - just as you may want to play while away - and we don't mind the odd barking or runing around chasing each other as long as you are in control and no one is disturbed - YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PET.

One guy was quite amazed when I gave him a bucket of cleaning stuff and asked him to clean up behind his dog who had left us a little present in the hall - and I think he thought it my job -
Another man made a point of telling me how he was allergic to dogs - several times - and I did have to point out that they live here and he was a visitor and it was very clear on this web site that we had - and accepted - dogs - and as I was not about to sterilise the venue for him and his one night stay - maybe he needed to reconsider where he stayed in future if he was so allergic to animals. 

WE love our dogs who are all well behaved but we never forget they are attention seeking dogs who like the fuss and attention and if this was a boyfriend - we'd take them for therapy - but animals follow you around all the time - want food, cuddles and to chase a cat all the time and bark at the doorbell and demand to be taken out exactly when you are busy. They search for food wherever they are and if a handy piece of dried bread meant for the birds should happen to fall in their mouth - despite having  delicious food given them twice a day at home - they will eat as if they have not eaten in weeks. 

So bring your dog with you and let them enjoy a holiday away from home as well.

you are responsible for your pet

Guide Dogs for the visually impared stay free of charge



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