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rent the whole venue

workshop - seminar - birthday / wedding party - chill out - staff reward 

adult theme - naturist weekend - summer party - work training

lazy weekend with friends





Prices below are for a full house of 8 guests.


Arrive after 4pm 

Dinner is served at 6pm 

Before or after dinner, the venue is all yours.

Full days - Breakfast, Morning Coffee, Light Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner and use of the entire facility throughout your stay.


Last Day:  Breakfast and Light Lunch

Departure after lunch - around 2pm



















price on application




price on application

2 nights with all meals and sole use of the entire venue


FULL BOARD - £1,750

£135 per person

£67 per day with all meals


Full House - £950
per person

£60 per night pp

.Hamilton Hall sleeps 8 guests.

1  Double Bedded Room

1 Double suite

2 Twin Bedded Rooms


All rooms have showers and sinks.

3 also have toilets

Extra Toilets throughout the venue

Extra Shower Room on the Landing.

Large Community Room ideal for workshops / seminars of between  12 - 15 people


Comfortable Lounge

Dining Room

TV / Garden Room



Hot and Cold Refreshments

available 24 / 7 FREE OF CHARGE



Notice Board

Joss Sticks



Free wine with 2 Course Dinner
with ground coffee


Extra nights available



we are always open to discussion

so please, get in touch 


John Bellamy


On Offer for single day workshops - non residential

10am - 5pm - Includes Morning Coffee & Biscuits / Home made soup and hot bread rolls for lunch - Afternoon Tea & cakes.
Sole use of the Community Room with access to toilets etc. & Dining Room during refreshment and meal breaks.
£250 inclusive
10am - late - between 10pm & midnight. - Includes Morning Coffee & Biscuits / Light lunch - Afternoon Tea & cakes. Full 2 course Dinner with coffee.   Sole use of the Community Room with access to toilets etc. & Dining Room during refreshment and meal breaks.  £400  inclusive

  1. Depending on the work being undertaken, the Community Room has space for between 10 and 20 people to attend an event.

  2. All advertising for the event is down to the person making the booking and not Hamilton Hall.

  3. We may offer advice and asistance, but the facilitator / host of the event is responsible for getting those who attend and for paying all  advertising costs and admin required to secure each person attending. 

  4. Hamilton Hall deals with the facilitator / host alone and all those attending deal with him/ her as well and not individually with Hamilton Hall. 

  5. All payments come from the facilitator / host and not each individual and one payment will be accepted. If individuals wish to stay overnight, then this can be arranged between Hamilton Hall and the individual concerned in advance.

  6. 50% DEPOSIT is required to hold the date confirmed with the remainder paid 7 days prior to the event date of commencement.  Cheques must allow 14 days bank clearance.  Credit / Debit Card we add no extra to the cost to cover our banking charges.

  7. Advance booking and advance payment at the time of reservation is suggested to hold and confirm any reservation.

Normal Terms and Conditions apply to Workshop Hosts  and to anyone staying over night.
The garden is available for smokers when needing a ' fag break.'


We have hosted weekends for numerous groups, organisations, charities and personal get togethers and offer a professional and competant service so you can concentrate on your event and your guests. Let us worry about the food, refreshments and the accommodation.

If we can suggest:

When considering putting on an event of any kind and friends etc. say in advance they would like to attend - GRAB THEM THERE AND THEN OR THEY WILL GET AWAY.

So many people say they wish to attend and then at the last minute, after messing you around with dithering about making payment, will let you down and you are screwed.  If people are serious about attending then there should be no issue about giving you payment in advance so YOU know whether to proceed or not. Many people are - sadly - not very reliable.
Bank their cheque straight away and always keep Hamilton Hall informed and up-to-date as to how the bookings are going.
If you need any advise on advertising, and/or we can assist through our own data base ( not to be expected as the sole source of getting enough numbers - just an added bonus ) we will do what we can to assist. 

Vegetarian meals are available with 48 hours notice for a group or the same day for an individual - allowing 6 hours before dinner.
Gluten Free / Vegan dishes - £25 per day per person extra - and are available with 4 days prior notice as we have to shop and once a  period starts, we do not go to the shops and pre plan and buy in advance.  

If we are not notified in advance, then you will have to make do with what we have 'in house' and we will do our best to accommodate, but you MUST be responsible for informing us in advance.  It is your diet - be responsible.  We do not read minds.   over >>>

Some of the groups and organisations who have used our facilities over the last 16 years.



Healing Yoga for Pregnant Women

Artemis Foundation

The Rainbow Foundation of the USA

AWL Foundation

Crystal Skull Workshop

Christianity with an Alternative Twist

HIV Self Healing

Surviving the Sex Industry

Cross Dressing TV/TS weekends

Brighton Gay Mens Support Group

Acorn Education

Spiritual Virgins

Active Living Group
Wedding Parties

Positive Living

Gay US Native Alliance

Earth Walkers

Gay Men Fighting Aids ( GMFA )

Sky Dancing Tantra

Gay Mens Tantra

Sex Workers Alliance

American Indian Dream Questers

Youth Story Time


Besides scores of 'in house' meetings and workshops ranging from
Massage - Meditation - Tantric Sexuality - X Rated Events - 2012 Celebrations - Naked Chill Out's - Bear Weeks - Over 60's events - Christmas & New Year / Easter Celebrations - Summer  Naked Month - Single Weeks - Dog Walking - Sci Fi Weekends - Barbra Streisand Weekend - Da Vincci Code Expanded - and many more that slip the mind for now.


In 1985 when I returned to the UK on a long holiday for the summer,  I rented a thatched cottage in the countryside outside Wimborne, Dorset for the whole 4 month period ;-  a 17 week booking.

The cottage was usually rented by the week and through the summer would have had a different guest every week so the owners would have had to thoroughly clean, invoice, repair and make ready for the next guest - and the cheeky women tried charging me extra for the cleaner - and she was told in no uncertain terms how I was paying the full price in one booking for the eitire summer and how she would have to pay for a cleaner and be put to a huge amount of extra work that - with one booking, was saving her an ENORMOUS amount of time, effort, staff wages and bother and that SHE would be paying the cleaning bill and that we expected a weekly cleaner.

She was not amused,  and showed it, but she knew - that I knew - she was taking a liberty - pushing her luck, conning me as if I was stupid, and we got the cleaner and enjoyed a spectacular summer with rabbits and foxes, magpies and all sorts of wild life at different times in the grounds - and having the whole venue to ourselves was a real joy.
Renting a venue for a private event can be a headache and a real worry and we make it as stress free and as easy as possible so you can enjoy and relax.
You will need your own insurance if you are teaching a workshop and this needs to be figured into your finances at the start.
Anything you need to know - just get in touch.

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