weekend breaks & special events

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March 12th - 14th 2021

£150 fully inclusive

2 nights accommodation with BB&EM

Covid 19 restrictions may still be in place and we shall adhere to all health & safety measures to ensure everyone's good health continues.

This weekend is all about Sci Fi and we shall have a quiz, watch some movies or TV programmes, and share our passion for Dr. Who - Star Trek - Babylon 5 and tons of other moviesor TV series from around the world

Come and have a lazy weekend with others sharing your passions and we shall be serving Klingon Blood Pie and a dampening field will be set up once everyone has beamed in and fazer rifles will be decomissioned.  Force fields will be in place to keep us all safe and warm.

Free Wifi keeps you in contact with your ships orbiting in space and we also have  freeparking in our space port

Some room sharing may be offered 

so book early to get your own private room


After the first of these weekends I was quite envious.

Envious of those attending as I would love to find

such a venue offering sci fi weekends as it is a

great weekend with great guys and a sensational

and popular theme. If I wasn't working hard over this

period, I sure as anything would book up for this weekend.
Come dressed as your favourite space man,

women or creature. Bring your own DVD's or CD's or magazines to share. With laughter and fun, we will explore the outer limits.

I have always had a fascination for Doctor Who and later - Star Trek,  ever since I was a child back in the 1960's.  Star Trek is one of the worlds most famous sci fi TV series and later big screen movies, and many of its iconic ideas have become household items and expressions and later with Star Wars - a whole generation looked towards the stars in awe and wondered if we - maybe - are not alone in the universe at all.  Mind you, this has been a recurring theme throughout mankinds history - looking towards the stars.


I wonder why ???

'Live long and prosper'