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the star rating system is really not worth the money

hamilton hall is not star rated

the only stars here, are you

The star rating system is not worth the money.

Bournemouth Tourist Board wanted over £600 to include Hamilton Hall in its Tourist Guidebook each year and for this, they do not even get you customers.  You are simply lost in a magazine of hotel adverts - hundreds of them - and the star rating system is a joke these days and somewhat unworthy.

I have stayed in many 3 and 4 star hotels to be absolutely horrified. Bad decor. Bad room style. Limited refreshments in the room. Poor service. Mediocre breakfast. Unfriendly bar staff.  Expensive for anything and everything.

( I was recently charged £6.00 for 3 days newspapers I was not even given in a hotel in Guernsey as the papers had been unavailable on the island and no one had  a paper - PERIOD - yet I was charged,  and when I complained and it as refunded, it was done so with a huffy attitude problem as if it was my fault. )

I have stayed at many 5 star hotels throughout the London area and I have only found one - The Four Seasons - that offered a truly remarkable venue while the others,  somehow, all let you down and for the price, this was unnacceptable.
Bedroom lights that were not working - bad decor - uncomfortable beds and old fashioned bedding - creaky floorboards - poor service in the bars and restaurants and I do have to wonder what has happened to the service industry that 5 stars these days do not mean what it did a few decades ago.

Having recently spent 4 days in a 4 star hotel in Guernsey where the room was very dated - as were the fixtures and fttings throughout the hotel, where the decor was bland old fashioned and simply ' out of date by 30 years - where the bar food was poor and the roast no better than average,  and at £145 a night B&B - it may have had a better bathroom en suite than we have at Hamilton Hall;-   but as you do not live in the bathroom whereas you do spend time in your bedroom,  it was quite depressing and not what I was expecting at all.  Our rooms at Hamilton Hall have  a great deal more to offer in the form of comfort and - quite simply - style -  than any of the rooms I saw at this 4 star venue and as I had opted for a super king size bed,  comparing our super king rooms,  the difference was astounding.  Hamilton Hall won hands down for comfort, bedding, towels, and general comfort offered in various lights - loads of cushions for extra comfort, extra pillows and blankets and even down to the fact that our rooms do not shout out at you - HOTEL BEDROOM - but more a personal space  you would be very happy to find in a really lovely private home.

The star rating system is not worth your while. It says very little. The AA - RAC and even the tourist boards around the country  use their own star rating system as A WAY OF MAKING MONEY and a 3 star hotel pays a fortune to the AA or the RAC for their yearly assesment and a 5 star hotel it can cost thousands and thousands.

Many Bed & Breakfast venues who have local tourist board branding - is unworthy of bothering.  I have found tons of dreadful B&B's who claim to be 3 and 4 star and yet are truly abismal places and absolutely unworthy of a single star. 


We may not buy into the star system, but unlike any of the venues I have found - anywhere - we offer something very different and even more worthy than a star system that all too often dissapoints...  as Hamilton Hall offers a guarantee. 

Hamilton Hall has a


Food Hygiene Rating

We know of no other hotel that offers a guarantee where if you can find another men only hotel  that offers superior bedrooms - better facilities;- a friendlier atmosphere;- finer food  and generally surpassing us in all ways - and is compartitively priced to us and is clothing optional - has a web site we can view and is better than us - and is in the UK, then after examination if we agree, we will refund your stay up to 60 days after you were here.

In 21 years of being in business ( we opened March 2000 ) we have never been offered details of a similar venue to us and had to pay money back on guarantee.  You see it is simple, Hamilton Hall is one of a kind and you will not find a  men only, clothing optional hotel that is legal and offers all the Health & Safety and legal requirements - and is not just a B&B in a private house with a couple of spare bedrooms -  charging as much as us, if not  a great deal more, while putting your Health and Safety at risk.

Not everyone likes me and some find me hard to take - and there are some guests that even we find hard to cope with - and as a Community Hotel where we encourage conversation and in-depth dialogue on all sorts of topics,  some find this hard to cope with and as some are more shallow and others more 'in depth' - I encourage visitors to relax, chill out and join in and  occasionally there will  be those who cannot, will not, who will pull against and deliberately be difficult and akward and luckily, this is very rare - and has nothing to do with Hamilton Hall but more about the head space of the individual who sometimes are hell bent on NOT having fun and relaxing time and there is nothing we can do if and when anything and everything we offer to put things right -  is wrong - so we tend to leave these people to their own devices and expect them to moan. 

One guy on Trip Advisor some years ago,  stated we had only one bathroom - no showers - it was an apartment with a few spare bedrooms and not even a hotel - served microwaved food slopped on a plate, how we encouraged all the guests to have sex together and how the owner ( me ) was in need of serious therapy - and I probably do need therapy but the rest was completely made up - he couldn't actually find anything truthful to moan at so made it all up, and this tragic man is so lost in a negative headspace that I do not even wish to venture there. 


You see, ocasionally even we get those whose lives are blocked, stuck in a negative 'half empty' space and sometimes a stay here will completely change their world view and they are - like -  'RE BORN' - while occasionally - and I repeat this is very rare - they are not ready, not prepared and not in the right 'head space' to accept a better way - a healing way forward - and willingly throw negative vibes and anger at others, and if we feel we cannot help, we do not,   and we protect ourselves. 


It really is up to the individual.


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