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Hamilton Hall is not affiliated to any business, charitable organisation,
corporate power, religious ideology, city slicker or anything.

Hamilton Hall is owned and operated by John Bellamy  who  invested his life savings to change direction and buy a hotel -  and he puts all the monies earned through workshops, B&B and all that we offer here,  back into the venue offering free holidays for the needy, and where all events are dramatically cheaper than any other vaguely similar venue ( not men only - as Hamilton Hall is the only one in the UK ) offering new beds and bedding and keeping the whole place ship-shape and as you would expect to find it.

Better than 'Home from Home.'

John Bellamy - your host - has not taken a wage since opening in 2000 and other than room and board, everything he does, with 100 hour weeks of hard work, is all to share the beauty and the joy of this journey - life - with others. 

Too many takers in life and too few givers.

If you are in need and would like a free few days with us, please get in touch.


John Bellamy

( striking  a pose - don't you love it, this picture is at least 10 years old... )








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