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e mails from you - and thanks

When you do anything in life, it is always wonderful when it is appreciated. Whatever it may be. Here are a few of the recent e mails received from some of you. And thanks. Every word is always greatly appreciated.

John Bellamy

oh and if you read down to the bottom of the page there is a pleasant surprise for you...


Dear John,

Glad to see you are “hanging” in there after all the horrors of this past year. Carl and I have cancelled plans for last year and this year “just in case.” Our second vaccination was yesterday, Pfizer, with no side effects for either shot. Perhaps I’ll be able to visit again, if not this late fall, then perhaps next late spring. My visits to Hammy Hall and with you have been so much fun.

Wishing you the very best,

Hal - Maine - USA


Hi John: Love the newsletter this week. The Sex Workers piece I read with great interest ( and a hard on ) and loved the photo section on Balls. Keep it up John, I read everything you send. Mark ( London )


John. Do you get how many would like to have your lifestyle. Always out as a gay man. Never had problems, Family all knew. Worked as a gay prostitute. Own a clothing optional men only hotel place. Live an out gay existance with nudity around other men. Sex when you like. What an amazing life you have created for yourself and how millions must envy in countries where it is not legal or as easy. The bonus is that you offer all what you do for no money profit, to help others less monied. Complete admiration and respect. It is so hard to be out and gay here. Joseph ( Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel )


Thank you, John, for your wonderful sex-worker story and for the balls pics. Absolutely stunning and horny!

Greetings from Brussels,



Long time no see - so long 😍😍 I always remember our visiting you and the sharing, must be 15+years ago now when you had your group. I still share your “Mission not Impossible “

Sending you love, blessings and joy and wanting to rekindle our own ❤️2❤️ with this beautiful YouTube with Robert Holden in deep dialogue with Stewart Pearce

Always with love



Although I've moved back to New York, I would still like to receive your emails and perhaps visit one day. Thanks. Michael


I live in Warsaw Poland. Moved here from Hastngs 3 years ago. There was a direct floght from Bournemouth that seems to have stopped during Covid. Found you cruising the web and loved what I saw. Must come visit with my Polish boyfriend. Please send me your Blog each time and thanks. Roland.


So sad we were forced to cancell our trip to stay with you. Sad you were forced to close. Sad flights to the UK were cancelled. Sad for the world under this pandemic. We will visit as soon as we can as we don't want to spend 10 days in lockdown on arrival. Later in the season we will return. Keep the faith John. Keep the faith. Eric ( Barcelona )


As a sex worker myself I enjoyed your piece this week about the biz. It fucked me up after a few years and took me a long time to come to terms with having sex for nothing , no financial reward at the end of it and it fucked me up emotionally as well. Having read your Blog and stayed at your place once a long time ao, and after paying attention to your rambling wisdoms, I was able to turn it all around and see the biz different and made some changes as you suggested and managed to save £45,000 in under 18 months and have you to thank for that. I was seeing it all wrong and your redirection helped. Thanks John. I owe you. Andy ( London )


Hi Juan: Read your site for some years. So good you have out lifestyle, Wish I could . Hard in Mexico. Boyfriend was arrested and beaten by police for life of being gay. Too much corruption here. Need to pay police for protection and leave us alone. Lucky you for life plan. Out, gay, posess gay venue with nude men. It is mirage to me. Dream time.

Alejandro. Tabasco. Mexico


Great reading each week John. I look forward to my Sunday read of your Newsletter Blog. Love the pictures and I did spot you in the Balls Picture piece... You cannot escape or hide John, you are too well known. Richard. ( Tottenham )


As soon as we can we will be there. After the year we have had with shutdowns and stuck at home alone, many will need your RECOVEY weekends and well done you, Sounds ideal, book me in.

Clive ( Clifton near Blackpool )


Thanks for the LINKS to the dog rescues you include with your weekly newsletter. I spend my Sunday mornings reading your Blog and the page of Rescue Dogs always reduces me to tears. I have a dog and she is so unaffectionate and shows little affection towards us and when I see all these dogs just longing for some love and attention, makes me think I have the wrong dog at home with me. Maybe I have spoiled her. How anyone could abuse and hrt any animal is beyond me. Thanks John, it moves my heart. Ralph ( San Diego )


Thanks for another Newsletter. How you do it each week is beyond me. I have met some interesting people over my lifetime but few as interesting - few as dedicated - and few as caring towards a community that - as you say - and I agree - is dying because of the internet and now because of Covid 19. I stayed with you just over 4 years ago with my then boyfriend ( he moved onto someone else and I am so happy to be alone ) and while your place and yourself is engraved on my heart - and considering I have stayed at dozens of gay venues and not one stands out in my memory but yours and you - your Newsletter certainly keeps my gay reading matter ' up to date' and it also keeps me remembering Hamilton Hall and so very clever of you John, keeps customers involved with Hamilton Hall and not other venues. Very clever marketing John. Rob ( Concord. New Hapmshire. USA )


Came to see you some time ago with Geoff, my life partner, and then a year later after his death. You were so understanding and so caring it made my first trip away since his death so much easier. Not sure if you will remember me but we spoke in your rooms upstairs one evening and you were so thoughtful and kind towards an old fart in grief and your gentle understanding manner really helped me get over that first trip without him. After 36 years together - ( I was a baby of just 17 when we met and he was 37 when we met ) you helped me see a new way forward and how being alone is not always loney. You completely changed my opinion of the gay scene as I always saw it as a shallow uncaring place. You showed that there are some kind and thoughtful people out there and that not everyone is a self centred arsehole like the scene seems full off. Thanks Jophn. I wish you 21 more years. Sean ( Glasgow )


We have been sharing e mails for around a decade now John, ever since I hoped to be able to sell the farm and come and work with you but since the sale fell through 4 times - YES 4 TIMES OVER A DECADE - I am still here in South Africa and still farming and alone and dreaming of the day - the hope, the fantasy of working with you naked at Hamilton Hall. LOve the Newsletter Blog and so glad yo started sending it out, it keeps us in touch.

Zane ( Pretoria )


For fuck sake John. Is there NOTHING you can't do.

Stayed with you several times a couple of years ago. Enjoyed both times. One was summer and one was a winter workshop weekend. Now the Newsletter every week. Certainly has kept me up top date with stuff I had no idea about and love the diversity of stuff you send. The dog rescue moves me and the naked men also, but in different ways.

Hope you are coping with this pandemic okay and re opening soon. I shall come stay and help you survive as believe me, you help many on the gay scene survive the insanity of it all with your beautiful Hall and your zany manner which I just loved.

Francis ( Dublin )



Here are some guys reading our Newsletter / Blog - ha ha - I wish ! Or at least a couple of nice pictures to end this page with...

Look at the size of this guys arms ?

It always amazes how many e mails we get from all around the world. The power of the internet always amazes. To think that someone from Poland to New Zealand, read our Newsletyter and web site. All walks of life. All cultures.

Wonderful stuff.

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