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Naked man struts along busy Oxford Street wearing nothing but g-string face mask

Passerbys were left astounded and shocked at the sight, which coincided with the first day face masks were required to be worn in shops and supermarkets in England

A man strolled down central London’s most popular shopping street on Friday with only a mask to cover his nudity, leaving passerbys astounded, amused and shocked.

As the man walked nonchalantly along Oxford Street, naked except for the light blue face mask over his groin, some took pictures on their phones while others simply stared.

It was unclear what prompted the stunt but masks became compulsory on Friday in English shops.

A man who strutted along Oxford Street in nothing but a face mask G-string today was a finalist on ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK, MailOnline can reveal.

Tim Shieff, 32, is a world champion freerunner and vegan YouTube sensation who tripped in the 2018 final as he attempted to complete the show’s obstacle course.

Born in Connecticut, US, he has competed in three American Ninja Warrior competitions and the first two Ninja Warriors UK tournaments.

Not sure about you, but this mask would not be big enough, I'd need a bin bag... ha ha

Would you be brave anough to walk down Oxford Street in just a mask like this ?

What's the most adventerous and maybe dangerous place / thing you have ever done naked and in public...

Write and share your stories with us here for next weeks Blog.


John: Many years ago a group of us got together and went shopping naked in San Francisco. It was legal back then. Surprise surprise. People stared. We shopped. We also made sure between all of us that we were NOT to do anything sexual or lurid to attract police action and we garnered quite a crowd wherever we went but no problems at all. Lots of women laughing. Lots of gay men cheering. Some even stripped off and joined in and we insisted they behave.

It was fun but so very long ago. Ruddy.


Drove from Brighton to London naked. When we stopped at traffic lights people in higher vehicles could and did see in. We were not doing anything rude or sexual and the two of us did have shorts etc./ at our feet in case of problems., but nothing. It was a gloriously hot day and with windows open and the breeze blowing through, it was a wonderful experience.


Holidayed in a naturist camp in Florida years ago. Huge place. Thousands of people, Spent the whole time naked and going to the shops and bank naked within the venue was a strange occurance. Being a mixed venue there was plenty of females and boy are those Americans fat. Michael --------------------------- NAKED COMMUNITY LIVING FOR MEN


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