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Philip Schofield

Someone recently asked how come I had not done a report of Paedo Phil, and I had to ask WTF he was talking about ... I had no idea.

He answered in the negative about how it was Philip Schofield and I was astounded - absolutely shocked, that he was being so judgemental on someone else when we really do not know the whole truth and only what the media circus choose to twist and reshape to make for good reading and I have no judgement on Philip Schofield at all, except it is a crying shame this has happened. I was shocked at his comments and his judgemental attitude about something he knew so little about yet threw that PEDO accusation when the truth was- he knew fuck all.


The police and the BBC - as did thousands of people - KNEW - that Jimmy Saville was molesting as he did - AND THEY ALL IGNORED IT BECAUSE HE WAS FAMOUS - so what does that say about those who did know, and said nothing ... what does that say about them ?

Huh ?

Many allowed it to happen and turned away.

Many ignored it and pretended it wasn't happening ?

Many were simply too scared to speak up and some, probably thought, 'Good for him.....'

And every one of those people are in someway - responsible.

When I was 16 in 1971 - my first lover ( not my first man 2 man sex ) was 42 years of age. We lived and worked together for 8 years. I was not groomed as I knew I was gay and waiting until I was 21 ( the legal age in those days ) was redundant as at 16, I knew what I wanted, just not how to go about it and was so innocent compared to 16 year olds of today, it beggars belief. I didn't even know the word gay meant homosexual. Complete innocence.

It did me no harm and educated me into adult life in many ways with a decent man who taught me well, not sex, as he was crap looking back, and was a poor father figure - but how to be a decent human being - and about style and class....

Being young did not mean I didn't know what felt right to me - right and natural, and to those who would find fault and say I was too young, how would they know what was right or wrong for me, as when I look back, it was the most natural and correct thing for me at the time and I have absolutely no regrets.

------------ I know none of the fact to do with Philip Schofield and it does sound as if he has acted inappropriately and stupidly, especially being a public figure with so much to loose - and how the public are quick to crucify is also shocking.

Any kind of sex scandal will destroy, even if legal, above board and completely legit - as the vast majority of people have small minds, and small appetites' for sex although will destroy anyone else having something they are not.

Most men are sexually frustrated and will damn and destroy those who do actually enjoy a good healthy sex life out of resentment and envy. PERIOD.

I had clients who enjoyed paying for sex with me, and were multiple repeat clients - yet as far as considering me a friend, - someone to meet up for a drink - meet their other friends etc... NO WAY- as I was ' just the hooker' and while I earned double and treble a year what they were earning, and as often I was better educated, lived a better lifestyle and generally had a better life experience than some of my clients, the double standards at play astounded. I personally didn't give a shit what they thought as when as a sex worker you hear SO MANY sad and pathetic stories of fucked up relationships, wives who once the kids were born the sex life ceased , and SO MANY other screwy things that can fuck a man up emotionally BECAUSE of the lack of sex, and this can create rapists, paedophiles and worse - murderers.




Yet it is the sex worker that helps keep the loins of men from burning into dysfunctionality and helps keep society from boiling over.

Sexual frustration can lead some to extremes - through anger and bitterness either towards those they want sex with ( women / wives etc. ) yet is often not forthcoming - and / or from anyone who is seen to be having a regular sex life - - ie: gay men - and resentment is thrown in our direction simply because we do get it and they don't.

Sexual frustration is the root cause of so much harm in our society and this is wrong, and it is those who resent who accuse, throw abuse at and crucify our of envy. Stop them doing it because I can't.

So I do not pay attention to the media hype about people and unless they have caused and created real harm, emotionally, physically and maybe morally, ( you know - like most politicians taking us into illegal wars - having parties when in lockdown and so much more - ) I do not judge them when we see Putin causing wars killing tens of thousands of innocent people and here we have people screaming about someone having sex.

Think the vast majority of people need to get their priorities straight.

So I do not judge Philip Schofield as I know very little other than the media frenzy surrounding it and as with anything else, we cannot and should not always trust the media hype that is all about readership and sound bites rather than reporting accurate truths. To then judge and destroy a person accordingly is MORE abusive than what he may or may not be accused of - and this time the abuse is coming from you.


Your comments are invited


Hi John

Excellent blog this week! Apart from the wonderful cock and balls, I was quite moved by the story of the homeless man and his dog, as well as your very measured and sensible words about Phillip Schofield. I think the poor guy has been hung, drawn and quartered for what was a rather ill judged relationship. No one was harmed and the so-called, manufactured ‘outrage’ is totally out of proportion, when so many others are doing much, much worse things: Boris and the entire Tory party, not to mention that shit Putin. But to return to things that I really like: cock!

I like the theory regarding the size of David’s dick! I always thought that it might’ve have shrunk a bit because he was cold! I often fantasied about how it might grow if I had the opportunity to warm it up a little! Mind you, can you imagine the outrage if he was standing there with a monumental 10 inch hard-on?

Some of your outdoor naked men, as well as the naked youth put me in mind of a nice wank! Definitely something to work on!

Thank you for your weekly blog and the mental and physical stimulation it always provides! Keep it up and keep them cumming!!

Kindest regards!



Loved your Blog as usual. I was real depressed this weekend and your news cheered me enormously. Thanks. M.


John: Your piece on Philip Schofield. thought it good. Who are any of us to judge. We know bugger all the truth. I feel those who scream the loudest usually have the most to hide. Throwing that word PAEDOPHILE at others usually are the real perverts and groomers.



John: Groomers. My definition of a GROOMER is a typical parent - school teacher - politician and anyone trying to get you to see and believe things the way they do. So how about the church - not just full of paedophile priests that we all know about - but the RC Church, like any other religion, is nothing more than a cult and has used brain washing - grooming since its creation - so grooming has been facilitated on generation after generation by priests galore to believe what they say as gospel. Now isn't that an abuse of the human soul ?




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