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I have been receiving a ton of phone calls and all come from abroad.
The first was from a women screaming at me that I had hit her car and was demanding my details, which I did not give and hung up on her.

Then a plethora of calls started coming in 3 or 4 a day, all different and some from men and some from women, all well spoken and all absolute bullshit crap.

I had ran over a man's cat and he was demanding my details so he could phone the police and demanding an apology.

Another I had crashed into their car and driven off.

Another I had sexually molested someones girlfriend and they demanded my details.

Another I was sending out pictures of a mans daughter - naked - on the internet.

And even though the shops are closed, another call was supposedly from Security of a store and that I had been seen shop lifting and when asked what store they can never answer.


If you get a call like this HANG UP STRAIGHT AWAY as it is fake and you are being charged - yes YOU ARE BEING CHARGED - FOR THE CALL, even though you did not phone them.

The call is automated - so may go somethign like this :-

Hellow - You were seen running over my cat and I need your details to call the police.


Your answer - your voice - activates the system that starts a recording to tape your reply, and when you stop talking it automatically says something else, to keep you on the line, and every time it stops talking and you answer, it automatically records your answer and then answers itself with the next part of the taped response as a way of keeping you on the line, but YOU WILL BE CHARGED £2 OR MORE FOR EVERY MINUTE OF THE CALL - THE CALL YOU NEVER MADE.

The call that told me I had crashed into their car and how they had my details to report to the police, I asked - ' Okay - well what is my car license number then - and what make is it ?'- and he just kept on with the script as it is a recording and not a live person reading from a script, there were no details, no information about my car, it was a random call from a machine with a taped message and was aimed at any fool to believe and continue arguing with them as the longer you argue, the more you are charged.

Be warned, this system always calls from a foreign phone number and you can never call it back. If you find this billed on your phone bill, complain loudly and refuse to pay for the calls.

It's damned annoying as I do get a lot olf calls for bookings from abroad and now doubt every call received as fake.



I had this same thing a few years ago and found £43 added to my bill and when I complained, BT did refund the monies, but how many are unaware of this and just pay the bill and these thieves win. Jake.