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BIG THANKYOU goes to those who have donated monies to Hamilton Hall recently just because they

care to help us keep going.

With my savings quickly coming to an end, monies from the government paid into my account to assist us stay in business if and when allowed to re open, came just in time - and I was very thankful to the government - and the speed and ease in which this was facilitated - I give them 100% TOP MARKS.

When a local bar chose to Crowdfund a page to raise £20,000 to keep them financially secure until alloowed to re open, while owing £8,000 to a music license people and a few more debts were outstanding, I was quite appalled that a business - a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS - had the cheek to ask the public to fund them at a time when we are all struggling.

It is not a charity or a Not for Profit - or anything other than a business for making money.

Good for them and it is a nce bar.

BUT: Their request hit the local paper and on the internet HUNDREDS of people turned against the bar with a detrimental slagging off - ( as you expect from some people hidden behind their computer screens in anonymity;- ) for trying to get more money from the public when the government had been very quick at paying out monies to starve off closing - and their staff have been furloughed - so paid - and yet they still felt the need to beg for more money.

I was appalled.

Philip, who is a live in guest - part of our Community Living - increased his own rent to us to help out and BIG THANKYOU to him for that as - every penny counts and an extra £300 a month has been a big help.

Then I received £100 from Richard - $250 from Gary ( all the way from the USA ) and today in an envelope, £100 cash from David and Ian with a wonderful card with such sweet and thoughtful comments, and I am left in tears. Such kind hearted people, showing how they appreciate and wish for us to continue and are willing - unasked - to help in this manner has been humbling. It really has.

Dan sent a parcel with a selections of really lovely things for the bathroom that he says his daughter has started sending out little gift boxes saying ' You will get through this ' - and ' I am thinking of you ' - and what a splendid thing to do - how kind - how thoughtful - and to send one to me here, was wonderful. I was really moved. Thankyou guys. Believe me, it helps.

With the summer season half over before it even starts - With so many people struggling financially - With the worlds finances in a mess and the government still paying out billions during a recession - taking us into a depression - a great many venues will close and the High Street which was already in a decline, will now die a death as more and more buy 'on line' and shops loose out.

I am gulty of this as well.

Hotels will close if they cannot compromise, cut costs, offer less, reduce prices dramatically and change the course taken before. After 20 years here, we have reduced the price for your B&B breaks here - for the rest of the summer and we will re evaluate from the end of September, as we have reduced our prices to HALF PRICE B&B - 2 nights minimum - as a way of helping many afford a few days away that would otherwise, under the circumstances, not be financially viable for them. Now it is - and it helps us as well.

Some things will be charged for that were free before - Some things have been changed and tons of screens, gloves, masks, gells, rearranging furnishings and making changes where we can - to help and protect you and us from you and us - and we have changed our TERMS & CONDITIONS making it easier and free to re arrange a reservation to another date and / or to cancel altogether. Everyone is struggling. Everyone has an opinion. It has simply changed from ranting about Brexit to now ranting about how the government fucked up etc. which - under the circumstances of this being a global first - is a bit rich as they did their best with what was available to them.

If all you do is moan, then shut the fuck up.

We have all suffered. We have all gone without sex / company / laughter and touch with loved ones / even not been allowed to attend a funeral or hug a friends new born baby - and we have all lived in fear whipped up by the media and all have felt isolated and alone at times and wondering WTF am I doing with my life etc.

So no need for ' poor me ' as selfish behaviour will get you nowhere. We really are all in this together and helping others less fortunate than ourselves, takes us forward in loving kindness and not resentful anger.

Big thanks to all those who donated freely to help us here. Much appreciated.


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