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Posted on October 21, 2021 by Andrew Christian

Article written by Maya Vukovska

Season 2, Episode 9 of Sex and the City, Charlotte meets a cute food critic with whom she hits the sheets. For the first time, however, she sees a dick with a foreskin, and the view freaks her out. Yet, she pretends that the wrinkled thing between his legs doesn’t gross her out, and has sex with the guy. Later, she tells the girls that“ it looked like a Shar-Pei!” And makes a face. The confession brings on a heated debate about pro and against uncut penises. While Samantha loves an uncut monster (she compares it to a Tootsie Pop - “hard on the outside with a delicious surprise on the inside”), Miranda says that she prefers a penis to be out there, so she can see it. The fierce redhead goes even further, declaring uncircumcised shafts abnormal. This is when Carrie steps into the role of peacemaker reminding that 85% of men on the planet are uncut. Which, logically, suggests that an uncircumcised penis is quite the opposite of being abnormal. Because it’s actually the rule!

If you own an uncut penis but you’re considering going through the procedure, then you’ll probably be interested to know what are the pros and cons of doing it.


Some people who have had sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men claim that the cut penises look much bigger, but that’s only in their head, really. The truth is that penis size has nothing to do with the foreskin, but genetics. However, it's a fact that the uncut penis has a slightly less bulk appearance when flaccid. As for the aesthetic side, some may not like the view of draped skin over the head, but others find it arousing. You know, tastes differ by temperature and form of the banana


The reason why they circumcised the male babies in the old times was mostly religious-related, but it was also because our predecessors believed that it would keep the crotch area safe from infections due to poor hygiene. It is a given fact that uncut dick needs to be washed more thoroughly and attentively, otherwise, bacteria and dead skin cells under the foreskin can cause sebaceous secretion, i.e. smegma. On the other hand, a penis deprived of its foreskin can get easily dry and irritated. That, however, can be prevented by not wearing too tight-fit underwear and pants.


Circumcision does offer some health benefits, like reduced risk of urinary infection and a number of STDs, as well as some protection against penile cancer. However, like any other medical procedure (especially when it is not necessary!) can lead to future complications. There’s a potential risk of damaging the glands. Besides, about 5% of circumcised males require a further procedure to manage meatal stenosis - that’s when the opening of the tip of the penis, i.e. the meatus, becomes narrower. The most typical symptoms of this condition are pain while urinating, and sudden urges to pee.

JB: As someone who was circumcised as a baby I have to say I have never experienced any problems with my cut dick but have experienced THOUSANDS OF TIMES, uncut willies with MAJOR health problems as the foreskin is too tight, does not come back and is generally - VERY unhealthy and smelly. Circumcision is far cleaner especially in hot countries where the practice started. )


Following the path of logic, you must have figured out until now that the foreskin serves as some kind of protection to your lower head. (For the upper head, there are hats and helmets, you know). Although the foreskin keeps your dick naturally lubricated and smooth, it doesn’t mean that a cut one will need extra grease to get the same 10 points of sexual satisfaction. However, during anal sex, an uncut dick may need “a hand” in getting lubed.


How your penis scores in bed has nothing to do with the presence or absence of the foreskin. But! A 2016 research carried out by the American Urological Association shows that the foreskin of the intact males was more sensitive to stimulation. The study, however, was not conclusive about the existence of a direct link between penile sensitivity and the feeling of pleasure. In other words, if you’re experiencing difficulties reaching orgasm with your partner it is not necessarily your "groomed" penis’ fault!

Sex is about personal experience and it shouldn’t be narrowed down to sizes, forms, and overall looks of genitals. However, the scientists have spoken, and what they’re telling us is that the presence or the lack of foreskin has a proven effect on the penis’s hygiene, sensitivity, and overall health.





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