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blackmailed through sex site

Here below is an email from someone to me.

' I am bisexual. I am on Tinder and Grindr . I have been exchanging pictures with a women and she then claims to be underage and begins to blackmail me, what would be the likely legal outcome ?

Tinder & Grindr are strictly adults only. The screenshots people share of funny tinder profiles on Reddit clearly show the age of the account holder. This means you will have a good defence as you have a reasonable expectation the person you are messaging is over 18 years old.

What happens to you after they tell you they are in fact 14 years old depends entirely on your course of action.

If you continue speaking with them, not only are you a complete idiot, you are committing a serious criminal offence and I think anyone would consider you a moron. If instead you send one further message saying something like

“your profile says you're 24 years old, considering you've just informed me you are 14, this conversation is no longer appropriate and I will no longer respond to your messages”,

you will be fine.

After sending that last message, you should then IMMEDIATELY report the profile to tinder / grindr as underage, and use the blackmail messages as evidence if they want to see it. If tinder / grindr admins are any good, the profile will be immediately removed. If messages go to your email, keep them as you may need to show them in your defence.

A friend a decade ago was talking to an older man on gaydar ( remember gaydar ? ) and after 6 months of talking to this older man ( in his 50's ) they eventually arranged a meet and on the morning of the meet the older man announced -

'Can you get some panties for my 12 year old daughter as she may join us, she's okay with that...'

and my friend, like me, thought - BULLSHIT - BUT - I would probably have bought some panties big enough for HIM to wear assuming as it was bullshit and that is was HE who wanted to be the 12 year old girl - but he bought Primark panties for a 12 year old and GUESS WHAT ; THE WHOLE THING FROM THE START WAS A POLICE SET UP and he was arrested and served 2 years in jail for grooming. The fact he was an out gay man had nothing to do with it and it destroyed his career, social life and everything. One of the only people who stood by him 100% - was myself, as I hear more and more police stings surrounding child sex as THEY GOT IT SO VERY WRONG WITH JIMMY SAVILLE AND NOW WANT TO BE SEEN TO BE DOING THEIR JOBS, SO AS IT IS EASIER TO SET PEOPLE UP - INNOCENT PEOPLE AT THAT - THEY ARE SEEN TO BE DOING THEIR JOB AFTER ALL and yet the whole thing is a sham and real pedophiles and real abusers and real stalkers are walking amongst us with impunity as REAL policework is NOT being done.

grindr like anything else is monitored by the authorities / police etc. and you will find dubious profiles all the time. One site I get about 20 hits a week and all from beautiful young men who CLEARLY is NOT the person behind the profile and all sounding too good to be true and I always - ALWAYS - tell hem I am NOT INTERESTED IN PEOPLE OF HIS AGE as I want a man not a boy and if I want a boy to do a mans job, I'll let you know but at the moment... NOT INTERESTED.

I also get a lot of these guys contacting me from Ghana and we all know how this is a con to get your money, so when I answer by telling them I have heard of too many thieving assholes from Ghana so I am not interested. I then block them and report them.

So be warned and be sensible. If you are an old man and some young thing pays you attention, - the very thought in your head should be ...

'Oh and what can I do for you ?'

Do not be delusional enough to assume some hot hung 24 year old guy really wants to hook his wagon to an old cart horse like you and me. If you do, then you are a fool, a gullible fool. A fool who is probably sad and lonely and willing to buy anything someone says that pays you attention and makes you feel good as they say all the right things. Several friends have been caught this way and one lost over £100,000 and I had to tell him off when he told me as WTF WAS HE THINKING ?

He worked all his life and saved his money for old age and at 63, lost the lot.

So be warned.

Be sensible.






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